Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Apr 6 2017 8:00 PM

8:15pm: Tammy Duplantis - 8 bit noise
8:45pm: Scy1e (Raub Roy - electronics)
9:30pm: Waxy Tomb (electronics)

Tammy Duplantis is a Louisiana-born composer of electronic music, homebrew Game Boy developer, and performer of assorted instruments both physical and digital. She is currently inhabiting the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a box of mossy Game Boy cartridges filled with ASCII river rapids and pixel-sized fruit flies and death. She would like to play them for you.

Recording and performing electro-acoustic music as horaflora since 2006, Raub created scy1e (or sighwonee), to signal a shift towards a more purely electronic paradigm. The relative ease of recording purely electronic music, as compared to the complications of recording the electroacoustic material of the horaflora project, has resulted in an explosion of new pieces, generated over a short period of time.

Waxy Tomb is the pet name of the original disequilibrium chamber, for temporal column production, which is used for the cooling process after transformational self-columns have been thoroughly collapsed and dis-localized by ocular-temporal shifts in phase space. This is necessary for the identification of the sutures and seam-lines between modified supra-objects. These sutures are exemplified in their local state as space between skin and skeleton, building and infrastructure. But they can also be localized by temporal states: layered embalming allows a shifted object to also contain its own system formation manipulation. To make the sutures re-identifiable and enclose them in a material, they must be dislocated from their state or process between. Their re-enclosure involves a repeated re-enactment of their original surface tension patterns and finally nodal-substrate recollection. This results in a diffusely situated self-embedded temporal column.

Jules Litman-Cleper uses many kinds of spatial media to forge novel forms of interaction between the physical world and ‘rendered’ imaginations. They design experiments to better understand how digital simulation influences our perception of the material world. Their projects explore simulation, interfacing, spatial cognition, life sciences and the body. Jules has been performing in the Bay Area since 2011 with music releases on KDVS recordings, Weird Forest records, BradGramar and WeirdEar records. They have taught classes on Video and Augmented-Reality & Dance and have exhibited at Krowswork, Aggregate Space, New York Studio School with performances at Various Empty Car Dealerships, The Lab, ATA and CCRMA.

Cost: $6-15 sliding scale