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Matt Davignon

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Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California, best known for combining drum machine with a variety of electronic processing devices to create an expressive, organic-sounding synthesizer. His distinctive sound palette is informed not only by past experience with field recordings, household objects, prepared instruments and live sound collage, but also his love of psychedelic and space music. In addition to his solo work, Matt frequently collaborates with other improvisers. He manipulates speech recordings by tape in CD in the duo Oa, with Hugh Behm-Steinberg. He was also a member of the improvising avant-rock quartet Tiny Owl (,

He's also a well-known contributor to the San Francisco Bay Area experimental music community, arranging concerts for other musicians, hosting a podcast called "The World of Wonder", and occasionally pointing arrows to other musical spots of interest in blog at

The 3am Music (2013)
Living Things (2010)
SoftWetFish (2006)
Bwoo (2005)
Music at 1/2 Speed (2004)
The Dirt Album (With Rafter Roberts) (1996)

Yellow (2004)
Charcoal (2003)

"fragile and gorgeous and stubbornly weird"
--San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Davignon coaxes a shifting, kaleidoscopic ecosystem from his chosen black box"
--The Wire


CDs on which Matt Davignon appears:

muckrocPax RecordingsPR90272
The AbstractionsNovo NavigatioPax RecordingsPR90275/EDT4027