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George Cremaschi

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George Cremaschi is a composer, performer and teacher. Using mostly contrabass and electronics, his work attempts to dissolve the boundaries between music, sound art, and noise, and extend their existing language, vocabulary and discourse.

He was born in New York City, and studied jazz at Jazzmobile in Harlem, composition at Greenwich House Music School in Greenwich Village, and improvisation at countless Downtown dives.

Recent years have seen many performances and collaborations in the US and Europe with such renowned musicians as Evan Parker, Marshall Allen, Andrea Parkins, Burkhard Stangl, Gert-Jan Prins, Mats Gustafsson, Paul Lovens, Nels Cline, Saadet Türköz, Bill Horvitz, Kjell Nordeson, Han Bennink, and Rova Saxophone Quartet among others.
He appears on over 30 recordings on the Apestaartje, Emanem, Evolving Ear, Black Saint, Leo, Beak Doctor, Evander, Rastascan, Music & Arts, Nine Winds and 482 Music labels.

Ongoing projects include working with pianist Greg Goodman in a variety of settings as well as curating releases on Goodman's label, The Beak Doctor; a collaboration with Japanese Butoh dancer Ryuzo Fukuhara; a quartet with Jon Raskin (of Rova), trumpeter Liz Allbee and percussionist Gino Robair; KRK, a duo with New York computer musician Matthew Ostrowski; NoSugar, electroacoustic duo with Liz Allbee; a new duo with Berlin clarinetist Kai Fagaschinski, and Lambs Gamble, a free rock/noise trio with Eric Boros and Fritz Welch of peeesseye.
He is also a member of sfSound, a New Music ensemble, and Moe!kestra!, composer Moe Staiano's avant-orchestra.

As a composer, he has written around 100 pieces for chamber groups, small ensembles, solo contrabass, electronics, cinema, spoken word, dance and theater.

He divides his time between Oakland and Tábor, Czech Republic, where he is an artist in residence, curator and administrator at CESTA, an international arts and cultural residency center.


Projects for 2005 included a five-week tour of Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria with Matthew Ostrowski, playing concerts and leading electro-acoustic improvisation workshops; a tour with DMZ trio, a new collaborative group with Oakland reed player Phillip Greenlief and Philadelphia percussionist Toshi Makihara; a new dance/theater piece, "these are my arms holding you, tearing you apart", made in collaboration with Paige Sorvillo, a San Francisco dancer and choreographer; and the release of several new recordings including a trio with Greg Goodman and Garth Powell on The Beak Doctor and a duo with Fritz Welch, "Lambs Gamble", on New York label Evolving Ear.

In 2006 he completed a six country European tour with Liz Allbee and made a number of recordings, including one with Jon Raskin's Quartet, and another with a new group, Diego Garcia, consisting of Cremaschi, Allbee, Robair and two Italian musicians, Fabrizio Spera and Alberto Braida. Both recordings feature Cremaschi working with electronics in addition to his usual contrabass.
New releases: Moekestra (An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Therein and Other Whereabouts) and Out by Five (Shards from a Future Utopia) - a long-standing group with Bill Horvitz, Jon Raskin and Garth Powell.

2007: two new collaborative pieces with Paige Sorvillo in New York and San Francisco; eight new electronic compositions, including an entry in the SF Tape Music Festival; concerts in Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands.
New releases: Jon Raskin Quartet, and Moekestra (2 Rooms of Uranium in 83 Markers: Conducted Improvisations vol.II).

2008: collaborative dance/theater piece, Not [exactly] Here, in Amsterdam with Manuela Tessi, Makiko Ito, and Thomas Myrmel; new Butoh piece/tour in Slovenia with Ryuzo Fukuhara and Liz Allbee; concerts in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria, California, New York; KRK tour in Netherlands, France, Portugal and Spain.
New release: "Grosse Abfahrt" with Tom Djll, John Bischoff, Frédéric Blondy, Lę Quan Ninh, Tim Perkis, Matt Ingalls, John Shiurba and Gino Robair.

2009: starting with concerts in Argentina with Christof Kurzmann; SF Tape Music Festival again; tour in February with Lambs Gamble in Italy, KRK tour March/April (Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany), No Sugar tour in May (CZ, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria); other concerts in Berlin, Prague, Brno, Tábor, Vienna; a new trio with the fantastic Frédéric Blondy and Lę Quan Ninh; a trip to California, and workshops/lectures in Grenoble, Prague, Tallinn, Vienna; new cds: KRK/Acouasm and NoSugar/Bitter Pill.

2010: premiere of new extended composition commissioned by Czech radio; new trio with Bay Area percussionist Gino Robair and Vienna turntablist dieb13; concerts in Argentina with Christof Kurzmann and Leonel Kaplan; two NoSugar tours, the second with Audrey Chen as guest; KRK Euro tour, April-May; month residency w/new sound installation in Austria; two-month residency in Vienna; organized and appeared with the first European Moekestra! at Music Unlimited 24; new quartet with Franz Hautzinger: Speaker's Corner; new NoSugar cds: Beta Vulgaris and Live in Hannover.


CDs on which George Cremaschi appears:

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Eneidi-Spearman Creative Music OrchestraEneidi-Spearman Creative Music OrchestraMusic and ArtsCD-980
George CremaschiThe Artship RecordingArtship Recordings36
Golia, Powell, CremaschiWin This TimeLimited SeditionLS018
Greg Goodman/Garth Powell/George CremaschiWoody Woodman's Circus of ConstructionThe Beak DoctorBD 8
Greg Goodman/Mats Gustafsson/George Cremaschi They Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs The Beak DoctorBD 7
Jon Raskin QuartetJon Raskin QuartetRastascan RecordsBRD 059
Lambs GambleMemory CollapseEvolving EarEE16
Nicolas CollinsPea SoupListen002
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RituelNew Music for a New AmericaRastascan RecordsBRD 022
Rova Saxophone QuartetJohn Coltrane's AscensionBlack SaintBS 120180
Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/Robair Klang. Farbe. Melodie.482 Music482-1030