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Saturday, April 4 2015 8:00 PM
The Mills College Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music present Mills Music Now 2014-2015
Women making Experimental Sound
The annual X-Sound Festival of new music and sound art by undergraduate seniors at Mills this year features original works by composer/performers Besan Zidan, Ana Recto, and Rachel Austin.
Saturday, April 4, 2015 
8:00 pm 
Littlefield Concert Hall
Queer Palestinian-American experimental electronic composer Besan Zidan performs with black queer womyn drummer Imogen Teasley-Vlautin in a set of four pieces for guitars, percussion, voice, and electronics. Ana Recto performs a solo set of her contemplative songs that combine technology with ancient and contemporary vocal traditions, including Moog synthesizer tracks and live electronic processing.  Finally, composer/vocalist Rachel Austin will perform "10 Movements for Intuition & Computer," a solo performance juxtaposing abstraction and meaning featuring live interactive processing of her voice.
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Free and open to the public
Wheelchair accessible
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Mills College

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5000 MacArthur Blvd

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Ana Roxanne Recto
Ana Roxanne Recto's music is influenced by the moon, silence, astrology, romance, and the great R&B divas of the 20th century. Combining technology with ancient & contemporary vocal traditions, she creates sonic environments, where she can exist momentarily with listeners in gentle contemplation and connection.
Rachel Austin
Five Movements for Intuition and Computer
I love finding the links between sound and narrative - the abstract sounds we hear so often in improvisation and the words that lace my head when filled with sound. Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, I lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland for 12 years, where I worked and toured as an experimental vocalist and songwriter. My work has recently taken on an obsession with the sublime with impulses toward narrative, noise and computer interventions. I’m most inspired by the work of Miranda July, Kazuo Ishiguro, Julia Easterlin, Werner Herzog, Björk and David Bazan.
Besan Zidan
Queer Palestinian-American  and experimental electronic composer Besan Zidan makes music with the intent to detox, restore, heal, express and reinvent the culture, community, stability and health that was displaced in the name of capitalism and colonialism and is serving white hetero-normative male privilege. My work is a tribute to all my children, ancestors, other selves, accomplices and guides. Featuring performer and collaborator Imogen Teasley-Vlautin, a black queer womyn drummer  and emerging composer and noisemaker, clearing the space.  More...

Monday, April 6 2015 7:30 PM
Monday, April 6, 2015, 7:30 pm - Ensemble Room


Stanford composer Mark Applebaum presents recent works on the fringe of musical ontology--a concerto for florist, a 72-foot pictographic score without instruction, a work for peripatetic chamber instrumentalists who do not produce sound, notations appearing on the face of custom wristwatches, electroacoustic sound--sculptures made of junk, and a live performance of a piece consisting of hand gestures—as well as musically exoteric creative enterprises.  More...