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Luggage Store New Music Series

Outsound co-Presents @ The Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market St.
San Francisco California 94103 USA

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The LSG New Music Series is the longest standing experimental music series in the Bay Area, with weekly Thursday night shows since 1991. Founded by LSG Gallery Directors Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith, the series has been curated by several Bay Area musicians.

Since 2002 the New Music Series has been curated by Outsound Presents and local improvisers/sound artists Rent Romus and Matt Davignon. They present a wide cross section of sound artists from every experimental genre.

Thursdays 8-10pm
Admission $6-10 sliding scale
All ages welcome, no one refused for lack of funds.

The series is an artist-run, grass-roots DIY effort that relies on volunteers. Please join us in setting up chairs, curtain, lights, sound once a week, and contact Outsound Presents to get involved in marketing and project coordination.

The Luggage Store Gallery is a non-profit corporation funded by the City of San Francisco, grants, and your contributions. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, Noon to 5pm. For gallery information call 415-255-5971.

Please read the policies here. Contact Rent Romus for booking and all other inquires.

Artist-run, volunteer, grass-roots DIY effort with little money and extraordinary results
Type of Music Presented
Experimental: new sonic, improvised, noise, electronic, lowercase, avant-jazz, outrock, 21st century composition, and sonic art. See artist list below.

Weekly on Thursday Nights 8-10pm
Usually two or three acts per night
7:00pm Setup, 7:15-7:45 Sound check
8:15pm Set One (45 min)
9:15pm Set Two (45 min)
7:00pm Setup, 7:15-7:45 Sound check
8:10pm Set One (30min)
8:40pm Set Two (30 min)
9:25pm Set Three (30 min)

Booking Lead Time
Two to four months in advance
Terms & Policy
70% of door equally split between sets 30% of door goes to the Luggage Store Gallery which Outsound is not directly affiliated with. We volunteer our time and efforts to running the show. One comp admission per artist.
No Open Rehearsals: Please prepare for your concert prior to the scheduled date.
No Power tools, or destructive devices of any type allowed. No fire or fume generating devices unless under a controlled environment and is 100% non-toxic. No smoking of any kind allowed in the space.
Facility and Equipment
Visual arts gallery with simple PA (mixer and 2 speakers, 2 mic stands, 2 mics), full window film screen, one LCD projector (no interface must supply own cable). A few tables, 45 folding chairs and 2 music stands are available. Max Capacity 100(standing room)

Second story storefront on Market near Sixth
1.5 blocks from Powell Street BART station, and several San Francisco buses stop right outside. Parking is best on 6th, Taylor or Golden Gate. Stay out of alleys. Loading in by double parking on Market is sketchy. You can get ticketed. We recommended using a cart for transporting equipment so you can park, load up your cart, and trek on over to the space. Be ready for 30 stairs, there is no elevator.
Questions?, please email us

Do Not Have
Piano, projector, microphones, instrument cables, power strips
Do Not Provide
Guaranteed payment, guest passes, hotel accommodations, transportation, rehearsal space/time, or a sound person.
To Book a Gig
Check calendar for date availability.
Submit performance description with proposed dates, brief artist bios, website information and links to audio/video to Rent Romus

Past Curators/Volunteers
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Sean Rooney, Steev Hise, Scott Looney, Matt Ingalls, Damon Smith, Bob Boster, Melissa Metrick, Jon Brumit (send us a note if you presented over the past 20 years, we'd love to hear from you).

Past Performers
Over the course of its Thursday night concerts, the series has presented hundreds of artists drawn from a vanguard roster, among them Cecil Taylor, Miya Masaoka, Alan Silva, Carl Stone, Biggi Vinkeloe, Joe McPhee, Janet Feder, Peter Kowald, Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith, Gino Robair, Koji Asano, Andrea Neumann, Axel Dorner, Kitundu, Pamela Z, Wolfgang Fuchs, Amy Denio, Jason Kahn, Eddie Prevost, Karen Stackpole, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Gianni Gebbia, Karen Borca, Oluyemi Thomas, Saadet Turkoz, Yasuhiro Otani, Eddie Gale, Jim Ryan, Dina Emerson, Burton Green, Jane Rigler, Jack Wright, Assif Tsahar, CJ Reaven Borosque, Glenn Spearman, Danielle DeGruttola, Bob Marsh, Shoko Hikage, Bob Ostertag, Xome, Randy Yau, Stimbox, Kaffe Matthews and countless others both local and international.

Luggage Store Web Site

Directions : 1.5 blocks from the Powell Street BART station 2 doors up from Taqueria Cancun

Link to home page : Luggage Store New Music Series

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, Apr 24 2014 8:00 PM

8:00 Crash & Burn
8:40 Bear Bones, Lay Low
Erensto Gonzales - synth electronics (Belgium)
9:20 Jooklo Duo Virginia Genta - alto and tenor sax, David Vanzan - drums (Itlay)

"[Jooklo Duo] haven’t forgotten the freedom that their improvisation is founded on and successfully avoid traps of convention and routine that can even exist for a “genre” designed to be rid of inherent traditions. Punk became a convention, noise did as well, and there is now a plethora of contrived improvisational jazz, but Nace and Jooklo subscribe to none of these molds and have proven that an improv record can still be fresh, cohesive, and just bad ass."
-The Esoterrorist

Bear Bones, Lay Low is the solo project of Ernesto González, a Venezuelan dude based in Belgium since 2003. He’s also been part of Silvester Anfang (Sylvester Anfang II) since 2006.

Breaking away from the more prominent style of saxophone led improv band, LIBERTAS, CRASH & BURN employ elements of early INDUSTRIAL MUSIC, ELECTRONIC, and JAZZ into their minimalist to frantic way of playing and living. One moment it can sound like EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN, the next moment it's urgent FREE JAZZ. This is no dinner music!

Thursday, May 1 2014 8:00 PM

8pm: Jim Ryan/Mark Pino Duo
9pm: Chekere

Mark Pino and Jim Ryan have been spending afternoons shedding in El Cerrito and are bringing their stuff to the Store for May Day. Mark has been on the scene with all kinds of bands and drums lately and it seems Jim has been hanging around the bay area scene since the beginning of time. Both of these musicians have achieved vast, unrecognized accomplishment on their drums and horns.

Chekeré is an ensemble of percussionists led by Bob LaDue, who all play differently-pitched chekerés (dried gourds with nets of beads around them).

Thursday, May 8 2014 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Galactic Pot-Healer
Brian Lucas - bass, Andrew Joron - theremin
9:00 pm cleaninglady - saxophone and Modular Synthesizer
Robert Lopez - percussion/drums, Shanna Sordahl - cello

Galactic Pot-Healer is a space-drone duo named after the Philip K. Dick novel. Following Dick's hero into the depths of an alien ocean, their music taps into the overtones of the underworld. Joron and Lucas also play together in the quartet Cloud Shepherd.

cleaninglady's musical performances are varied depending on venues and personnel. Mains instruments used are Hand Made Modular Synthesizer and Alto Sax but rarely together. On Modular Synth : Performances follow a restricted discipline of using only a single voice panel of Modular Synth with no keyboard and outboard effects. The point here is not to rely on effects to flesh out the performance but to have to actually play the instrument using knowledge of signal path only as a guide. The actual sounds can be quite harsh to intense sub bass and everything in between. This is generally dictated by the venue or collaborators on the night.On Saxophone : The approach is conversational , sometimes intense ; always coming out of an improvised exchange with collaborators or the playing environment.It could be seen as free jazz ; the intent is an honest expression of the moment.

Thursday, May 15 2014 8:00 PM

An evening with Marco Eneidi *Only Bay Area Appearance*

Musician/composer/alto saxophonist Marco Eneidi and Swiss/Mexican drummer Cosmic Brujo play in a series of solos and duos breathtaking in its originality and visceral energy. Their improvisational approach is so personal, so explosive and so devastating that it makes jazz (and most other music) sound like the archaic language of an ancient people. There's also a gentle side that makes even simple melodies seem radiantly beautiful. Colors circulate, falling high in the order of justice, introducing the metal poetry of what they are saying. Brujo drummer reaches down into the boom boom de-la bam
from the red chili in what is essentially the expression of an attitude, or a collection of attitudes, about the world, and only secondarily an attitude about the way music is made.

Along with saxophonist Marco Eneidi, the overarching focus of the musicians is to play a wholly improvised, spontaneously created series of works, demonstrating the fertility and expressiveness of free and collective creativity. They use a color palate that transcends the normal order of things, causing the listener to be jolted from their relative comfort, urging them to ruminate on justice and planetary zeitgeist.

Hearing them together, blending improvisation and counterpoint harmony, is like monitering an active volcano.

Thursday, May 22 2014 8:00 PM

8:15 Pauchi Sasaki
8:45 Bill Baird
9:30 Beast Nest

Bill Baird writes:
"My works explore alternative controllers for musicians -- graphic scores, timers, text, conduction, body movement -- usually within a theatrical context. I like when form and content are indivisible and reinforce one another. The instruments in my ensemble change for each show but have been known to include: cello, saxophones, trombone, violins, vibraphone, typewriter, amplified household objects, computer robot voice generator, tape echo, and musical desk of my own construction. I am currently an MFA candidate at Mills College and am composing multiple works for theatre, small ensemble, and film scores, as well as more traditional song-type music with the context shifted into the unfamiliar."

Beast Nest/Sharmi Basu is currently an MFA student at Mills College in the Electronic Music and Recording Arts department. Based in Oakland, she attempts to catalyze a political, yet ethereal aesthetic through combining her strict anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics with a commitment to spirituality within the arts. Beast Nest, Sharmi's primary performing project, uses her unwavering depression & restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits. While simultaneously clearing and entering, the sewage pipes of the body and the patriarchy congeal into watery soundscapes as a vehicle for achieving liberation through the darkest of fears.

Thursday, May 29 2014 8:00 PM

8:15 The Fathers (headboggle/sun poisoning collab)
8:45 Horseflesh
9:15 Styrofoam Sanchez

Styrofoam Sanchez is a post-industrial mobile sound and sculptural personification of the plastic island in the Pacific Gyre, spawned from a hybrid of human DNA and trash. Sanchez is a dystopian amalgamation of a magnification of failed civilizations, spliced rogue technologies gone awry, spawning dark pulses of technological neurosis and inter-special psychosis. When fish put fin to sand, then you'll understand why fish carry guns. Styrofoam Sanchez represents the last molecule before total conversion of humans into futuristic trash receptacles. Human, your skull will be in a museum. Styrofoam Sanchez is represented exclusively through Ratskin Records, and will be conducting a full US tour Fall 2014 in support of new 12'' LP / DVD / book project titled "Empire Underwater"

Horseflesh is the long time project of Bay Area artist Dereck Donohue. Dereck utilizes tapes, synth, etc. to create a score to lose sleep over or just as easily blackout to. He runs the micro-label Chambara Records, that is now up to 23 releases running the gamut from sci-fi drone, noise to even some power electronics. With a renewed interest (and understanding) of electronics, Dereck still looks to the abysmal future of music with a middle finger.

New duo project by Nathan Bowers (Tusco Terror, Tusco/Embassy, Coagulator) and Derek Gedalecia (Head-Boggle). Mute balladeers on high; murky pranksters with no father bus. Primitive electronics, tapes, and classical guitar bring a light mood to your next dinner party. The first Fathers cassette album is available Spring 2014 on the Irish label Fort Evil Fruit.

Thursday, Jun 5 2014 8:00 PM

Cvbe ov Falsehood - ryan p. jobes

Thursday, Jun 12 2014 8:00 PM

8pm TBA
9pm Ritwik Banerji

Thursday, Jun 19 2014 8:00 PM

8pm David Katz - solo voice
9pm TBA

Thursday, Jun 26 2014 8:00 PM

8pm TBA
9pm Christopher Luna Ensemble
Nava Dunkelman, percussion, Jacob Peck, guitar, Aprille Tang, electronics, Jeniffer Wilsey, percussion, Christopher Luna, keyboard/conduction, Rachel Condry, clarinet

The music included in this cycle originated from a collection of sounds that were recorded in different locations (the city, a studio, the woods, etc.). The process of transcription and analysis of these sounds brought awareness of the way in which their harmony, rhythm, density, dynamics and timbre relate to each other. In the process of translation from field recording to instrumental music there is a transformation that occurs due to notation, acoustics, and esthetics. Our objective is to bring these sounds to music (are they music already?), sometimes as faithfully as possible, other times using them as starting points for improvisational and compositional development, establishing a direct connection to their original form. We imagine this transformation as transmigration (in sanscrit, Jatyantara-parinamah): the characteristic traits of a sound are detached from their source and born into a new form (the composition, the musician and the instrument), adding to it a new layer of existence and at the same time keeping the essence of its previous source.

Thursday, Aug 14 2014 8:00 PM

8:15 TBA
8:45 Laurie Buenafe (guitar, voice) plays "Chocolate Cake"
9:15 Ori Barel - electronics

"Chocolate Cake" tastes of crumbs and frosting. This piece is inspired by 80's britpop and something that fell off along the way. Laurie Buenafe (guitar, voice) has roots in central asian and middle eastern dance, and butoh. She plays with Bella Buenafe, Big Daddy & The Sparkly Unicorn Superheroes, and Whatuke.

Ori Barel's music explores various fields including electronic music, chamber music, works for solo instruments and electronics and orchestral music. His chamber music has been performed by The Formalist Quartet, Kobayachi Trio and The Ear Unit in venues such as MOSA series (New York), Redcat Lounge (Los Angeles), Ballhaus (Berlin), Santandler Festival (Spain) and Beyond Baroque (Los Angeles).

Thursday, Aug 28 2014 8:00 PM

8pm Bridge of Crows
9pm TBA