Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Aug 4 2016 8:00 PM

8pm Tom Weeks Ero Guro Ensemble
Mike Srouji – Electric Bass, Robert Thompson Pruett – Drums
Harry Gibbons – Drums, Tom Weeks – Alto Saxophone
9pm L.J. Altvater - performing Intrusion: manipulated field recordings

L.J. Altvater is a visual artist who has also been active as a musician and recording artist since his days as drummer with the Columbus, Ohio rock band The Highly Evolved Cosmic Beings. He creates experimental recordings under the name Mission Hypnotic, mostly non-musical in nature, involving layered and manipulated field recordings and randomly triggered sounds. He also produces electronic music under the name Green & Submarine and is the recording engineer, co-writer and producer of the collaborative effort Project Tierra. He has recently presented his work at the 2016 San Francisco Tape Music Festival and the San Francisco Center for New Music.
Intrusion is an experiment in manipulated field recordings. All of the sound sources are environmental sounds recorded in my home; street noises outside my windows, kids running in the hallway, refrigerator, plumbing, neighbors' parties and construction projects, etc.

Tom Weeks is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Oakland, CA. He has performed and recorded with Makoto Kawabata, Walter Thompson, and progressive rock group 'Perhaps', among many others. His music incorporates influences from the African-American music tradition (especially the music of the members of the AACM), the European avant-garde, and the heavy metal/hardcore traditions.
He will be performing compositions from his upcoming record Blood of The Wolf, with the members of his 'Ero Guro' ensemble

Cost: $6-15 sliding