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Wed, Aug 17 2016 7:45 PM

Second Act
1727 Haight St. SF
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Jim Haynes, Bonus Beast, Dax Pierson, The Creatrix
$5 Doors 7:30pm, bands 8-10pm, 21+

Jim Haynes
If corrosion is your vocation, the initial conditions become as elemental as your rusting sulfates and chlorides. In studio or from the field, Haynes gathers signals massive or miniature, shortwave or hypodermic, concussive or ultrasonic. Those initial signals will cross contaminate his corroding molecules, and the first time cycle will be as present as the last with results that may be visible, tactile, conceptual or, at this performance, audible. Treat yourself to the raptures of generative decay. Behold as "cycles of activity collapse into stasis, and how that stasis can rupture when any number of pressures are applied."

Bonus Beast
Amiable agent of pure chaos, Ryan King, moves like an animated line drawing, a high voltage wireframe that arcs easily and often, tazing or enlightening those around him. Musical instruments were invented for characters like this. King will hover towards a table of circuits the way a big bug gravitates to smaller bugs, their mere presence amplifying whatever freak plasma surges through his limbs. Once he sets to work, shedding his chrysalis to reveal wet shuddering wings, the whole living world offers itself up to loving devourment. Present yourself, when Bonus Beast appears live at Second Act ahead of his forthcoming LP release "Mental Decay".

Dax Pierson
Two suns, love and hardship, comprise the interior universe of all people but it's the singular sound navigator, Dax Pierson, who orbits forever in the full blaze of both. Neither dissembling nor boasting, never jaded nor naive, Pierson sweeps us into the unruly inertia of existence itself, plowing the asymetric rapids of fate on spacecraft of flesh, we are powered by care, calories, patience, rage and awe. Cast off your illusions of exoteric shade, prepare to bask in the twin suns within.

The Creatrix
Throw your body upon the gears, not to surrender yourself but to osmose the machine, dysmorph the means of production, to induce not reproduce. Take root in your rusting factories, abandon species insularity to collide with the ancient post-human diaspora. This is the music and lore of Fanciulla Gentile, in homage to The Creatrix, a powerful genetrix existing outside dichotomies of human thought. Don't miss this chance to hear her live ahead of her imminent album on NY's NoTech label.

Cost: $5