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Thu, Aug 11 2016 7:30 PM

Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster St. #170 Oakland
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A special evening of music at once passionate, cerebral, and charged, featuring saxophonist/poet Lewis Jordan, guitarist Karl Evangelista, and drummer/percussionist Marshall Trammell. Trammell will begin the evening with a solo set, followed by a rare duo offering from Evangelista and Jordan (performing a brand new set of folks songs, unlikely melodies, and originals). The three firestarters convene for a trio exploration at night's end.

Lewis Jordan (saxophones):
Born in San Francisco, he grew up in Chicago, with the blues, while learning to associate creative musicians with the advancement of society as we know it. He is an international touring and recording musician, poet, actor and playwright. He was a founding member of United Front, a seminal San Francisco Bay Area ensemble known for its originality, aggressive imagination and cultural synthesis. Presenting his music and words in performance, he continues to carry the torch. He has focused on creative structures for improvisation, which has led to working with artists from a range of practice: dance, poetry, theater and music, presented in his Music At-Large series. He continues to seek out performers who strive for modes of expression that honor their traditions while speaking to the urgency of the present. If that's in B-flat, fine. If it's in time, that could work too. If it's outside, it must be honest.

Karl Evangelista (guitar):
Filipino-American guitarist/composer Karl Evangelista (b.1986) ranks among a new wave of creative musicians grounded in jazz, 20th century experimentalism, and popular song, exploring the place of multiculturalism and ethnic co-existence in an increasingly post-cultural, trans-idiomatic cultural space. Signal to Noise magazine hails Evangelista as "one of the most original instrumentalists and composers of his generation," and as the creative force behind boundary breaking group Grex, Evangelista has been called "essential current-and-future listening" (Tiny Mix Tapes). Evangelista has worked in a wide variety of ensembles with or under the direction of, among others, Achyutan (Marvin Patillo), Scott Amendola, Tatsu Aoki, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), India Cooke, Fred Frith, Eddie Gale, Ben Goldberg, Phillip Greenlief, Jon Jang, Darren Johnston, Lewis Jordan, Oliver Lake, Myra Melford, Hafez Modirzadeh, John-Carlos Perea, Karen Stackpole, Moe Staiano, Melody Takata, Wayne Wallace, and AIR co-founder Francis Wong, and has performed in new arrangements of works by Luciano Chessa, Christian Jendreiko, Polly Moller, AACM co-founder Muhal Richard Abrams, and Art Ensemble of Chicago co-founder Roscoe Mitchell. Evangelista’s interest in fostering cross-cultural musical dialogues has also led to grant-based research (’08) on the Blue Notes, a group of South African exile musicians (paper presented at the Guelph Jazz Festival, ’08), multiple guest lectures at UC Berkeley, and the composition of Taglish, a suite centered on Filipino-American culture; an album of the composition was successfully funded via Kickstarter and released in late 2012. Evangelista holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley (’06) and an MFA in Improvised Music from Mills College (’09).

Marshall Trammell (drums/percussion):
Marshall Trammell is the Chief Investigator at Music Research Strategies, his platform for ethnographic investigation, culturally situated design and Solidarity Economics. As a fellow Electronic Arts at Rensallaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY (2004-06), he studied under Ron Eglash, Pauline Oliveros and Tomie Hahn. Some recent collaborations include work with Dohee Lee, Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwan), Genny Lim, Saul Williams, Leon Sun, Francis Wong, Jon Jang and productions of Drummer's Secret Handshake percussion quartet series. Mr. Trammell performs in the electro-acoustic duo Black Spirituals, who have toured extensively in Europe, the West Coast and Southwest USA, and performed in special locations like Issue Project Room (NYC), the Exploratorium Resonance Series and Heritage hall in Guelph, Canada. He is, once again, based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the new Music Instructor for Urban Promise Academy in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, CA.

Cost: No Cover/Donations Accepted
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