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Sat, Sep 10 2016 7:00 PM


Blackberry Tongues are a quartet of drums, bass, keys, and vocals from Los Angeles, California. Music draws inspiration from 70's progressive rock, trip hop, metal, and early 20th century classical. Switching effortlessly from odd meters to serious grooves, their technical mastery combined with a unique aesthetic and rich vocal harmonies create a genre-bending, truly personal experience.


PG13 is a power trio of Phillip Greenlief (sax), John Shiurba (guitar), and Thomas Scandura (drums). All three members have played in mulitple bands in the Bay Area for decades. The music for PG13 was originally conceived by saxophonist Phillip Greenlief as a tribute to his cat, the late, great George Cleaver. Since its inception, the group has expanded its repertoire to include compositions by guitarist John Shiurba.


Inner Ear Brigade (IEB) is an ensemble of musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area who play a unique mix of progressive rock, free jazz, experimental pop, all delivered through their originally detailed compositions and arrangements. The music is “fun, happy, accessible, and proggy.” Steeped with a vintage analog sensibility, effects processing, and synthesizers, IEB crafts their sounds from “ RIO elements (Rock In Opposition), Canterbury (Sound), and Zappa”. IEB is Bill Wolter (guitar and compositions), Ivor Holloway (sax), Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Steven Wright (bass), and Christopher Lauf (drums).
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: