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Thu, Nov 9 2017 8:00 PM

8pm: Kataryna Kopelevich (organ / electronics) with John Benson (bass)
9pm: Derek Gaines (LA) - guitar/electronics

New York City born, Connecticut raised, Los Angeles resident Derek Gaines is one half of the psych rock band Jerkagram. His solo material focuses on minimalist repetition and meditative yet engaged sound in vein of the style forefronted by Robert Fripp with his Frippertronics. With the release of his most recent tape "Laika", he brings a similar wave of ambience but with minimalist psychedelic melodies and hints of folk music inspiration.

Kataryna Kopelevich is a Bay Area-based pianist, improviser, and teacher. Some of her mentors include Roscoe Mitchell, Dmitry Rachmanov, Robert Schwartz, and Yekaterina Murina. She holds an MFA in Performance and Literature Analysis from Mills College. For the past 2 years, Kataryna has played synthesizer in Oakland-based experimental music trio, Tainted Pussy. Since October 2016, she has played keyboards in a "pink punk cabaret" band called Carl with People.
Kataryna will be performing on clavichord and electronics accompanied by fellow Carl with People bandmate, John Benson on bass.

Cost: $6-15 sliding scale