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Wed, Nov 15 2017 7:45 PM

KREation Ensemble, Heartworm, The Senders, Headlights
Wed, November 15 at The Peacock Lounge 552 Haight, SF
$5 Doors 7:45pm, bands 8-10:30pm, 21+

KREation Ensemble
Deep tone practitioner Kevin Robinson leads this ensemble whether it manifests as 35 piece orchestr (known as KREation Conference of the Birds) as quintet, trio, duet or solo. This outing will feature Kevin Robinson-Woodwinds, Tony Gennaro - Percussion, Lee Hodel- Bass, and Nina Thiebert - Cello.

20 year veteran of subterranean music, Brandon Yahiro-Taylor, has recorded and performed in a dizzying array of styles, from freeform minimalism to harsh noise to breakcore to experimental metal to indie rock to ambient and musique concrete. On the east coast he founded the seminal net label before moving to San Francisco in 2003 where he became active with the 5lowershop soundsystem crew, organizing events throughout the bay area.

The Senders
Ten-handed signals from Brazil's own Astronauta Pinguim (Fabrício Carvalho) in league with renowned sound semaphorists Gino Robair, Benjamin Tinker, Doug Lynner, and Tom Djll. Bring as many ears as you can fit on your head, attach to brain and heart as appropriate, disconnect eyes and mouth for maximum effect.

Your trip through the looking windshield begins without warning, nibbling conversations halt as your limbic system switches on, pupils made useless, muscles go frozen, you're all ears in the moment of your slow mow down. Twin luminaries, Headboggle and Aurora Josephson, welcome you into the cockpit, singing and stroking glass from your fur, and take you wherever the hell we're going next as you lick your nose and try to still your bleeding heart.

Cost: $5