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Thu, Mar 22 2018 8:00 PM

8:00 PM McCaslin/Robinson
Collette McCaslin - percussion, trumpet, soprano saxophone
Kevin Robinson - tenor saxophone
9:00 PM L.J. Altvater
looped cassette tapes (physically cut and spliced) run through guitar effects pedals

L.J. Altvater is a visual artist who has also been active as a musician and recording artist since his days as drummer with the Columbus, Ohio rock band The Highly Evolved Cosmic Beings. He creates experimental recordings under the name Mission Hypnotic, mostly non-musical in nature, involving layered and manipulated field recordings and randomly triggered sounds. He also produces electronic music under the name Green & Submarine and is the recording engineer, co-writer and producer of the collaborative effort Project Tierra.

Collette McCaslin is a San Francisco Bay Area based player of the Cornet, noisician,abstract artist, and writer.
In her youth she explored plunder-phonics as a means of expression “composing” tape works comprised of snippets of radio static, college radio and death metal.
As a teenager she was heavily influenced by her family to explore the realms of jazz, she played the saxophone at Cabrillo College. Her own interests diverged however, when she began working with guitar.Her first album "Machine" is a layered work of looping...
At some point in the last ten years she started working with analogue FX boxes and doing feedback based electronics. With that setup she has played in numerous situations. Including "Lords of Outland" where she interacts with other musicians, live, with a feedback based instrument. As well as headlining at NorCal Noise Fest many years in a row...
Later, she began playing the Cornet...which is currently her favorite instrument. She plays in Forward Energy, Lords of Outland, and various improvisational Orchestras...
She recently changed her public persona from "CJ Borosque" back to her Legal name "Collette McCaslin"

Kevin Robinson, a performer/composer multi-woodwind instrumentalist, focuses on interdisciplinary and experimental approaches to continuing innovative dialogues within music. He is a native of Baltimore, MD and is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Robinson received his BFA in Jazz Reeds from CalArts where he studied with Wadada Leo Smith and Vinny Golia.
Robinson has lead several bands and configurations of ensembles such as: KREation, The Conference of the Birds, and is a member of Cooper Root. Robinson composes and performs live scores of silent films and collaborates with the visual artists, dancers, and creative writers. He has performed at the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Made in LA 2012 Biennial, The World Stage, Redcat, An Die Musik and the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD. Robinson has also performed with the Ulrich Krieger Sextet, Nicole Mitchell, Wadada Leo Smith’s Creative Orchestra, the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, and Faust.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale
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