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Thu, Apr 26 2018 7:30 PM

Arm-Sized Legging is a project consisting of woodwinds, cello, bass, and drums, playing a repertoire of all original compositions. The music explores textures and colors, as well as the various sonorities of the distinct instrumentation. Although many parts are written out, there is also plenty of room for improvisation; the group makes use of both free-form and traditional song forms to use as the basis of collective soloing. The addition of the cello to the standard jazz-saxophone trio adds a contemporary classical element to the mix.

Matt Renzi – saxophone, oboe, English horn
Jessica Ivry – cello
John Wiitala – bass
Tim Bulkley – drums

Multi-reedist Matt Renzi has been performing professionally for the past 20 years at international jazz festivals and music venues worldwide. For the past decade, he has been recognized multiple times by jazz organizations in Italy, Spain, Belgium, India, Israel, as well as in the United States for his advanced concepts in spontaneous group composition and collective improvisation with the Matt Renzi Trio. He also leads other projects, including Arm-Sized Legging and In Breath, which combine contemporary classical composition techniques and spontaneous improvisation. Renzi has performed and recorded with Marc Johnson, Michael Formanek, Eddie Marshall, Herbie Lewis, Ben Monder, Eberhard Weber, Bob Moses, Ralph Alessi, Bobo Stenson, and the Berlin Philharmanic Quintet.