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Sun, Jul 22 2018 8:00 PM

Gold Lion Arts
2733 Riverside Blvd Sacramento
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Social Stutter, a saxophone quartet led by composer/altoist Beth Schenck, blurs the line between strictly written chamber music and soaring free jazz. Solos emerge from the natural order of intricately written lines that, although begin simply in structure, twist and distort themselves into surprisingly complex shapes and forms. Unlike traditional saxophone quartets, some of the pieces are composed for two altos and two tenors, which leads itself to denser harmonic territory and a uniquely homogenous sound. Masters of texture and nuance, the quartet has a keen awareness of how to support and push one another's creative boundaries. Social Stutter is comprised of some of the Bay Area's most unique voices: Kasey Knudsen, Phillip Greenlief, Cory Wright and Beth Schenck

Also performing is the
Clifford Childers, Jon Raskin and Jenn Schaaf Trio finding pathways of sound, warping time and generally having a good time stretching the capabilities of brass, sax and drums.

Cost: 10 to 20 sliding scale
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: