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Sun, Oct 13 2019 7:30 PM

7:30pm Barriga/Keenan bass duo
Rodrigo Barriga - electric bass/Sean Keenan - electric bass
8:30pm Sniff Test
Bethany Schwarz - electronics/Bill Noertker - basses

The Barriga/Keenan bass duo explores improvisation around the traditional roles of bass guitar, as well as taking a more experimental, contemporary approach.

Sniff Test is a collaborative dialogue that improvises narrative shapes through the use of unusual timbres and instrumental techniques.
Bill Noertker is a composer and bassist with an interest in alternatives to traditional harmony-based and scale-based improvisation. At the root of that quest is a desire for musical participants to listen and respond to each other. Sniff Test is one of the few purely improvised projects he is involved with.
Bethany Schwarz creates a sonic experience that gives the listener an opportunity for personal discovery. With emphasis on tone and texture, her sound has been described as "meditative soundscape". While most of her work to date has been electronic cassette-based recording, she is increasingly working with non-electronic timbres in live, rock-and-roll-influenced experimentation.

Cost: sliding scale $10-20
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: