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Thu, Jun 6 2019 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305
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"Works for Listening" is a series of electroacoustic works by Tine Surel Lange developed at Notam (NO), MISC (LT) and EMS (SE). All the works are made in 5th order Ambisonics, but have been presented in other formats as well at various occasions and arenas.

In "Works for Listening" there is a strong focus on listening aesthetics and our psychological categorization of sound. Surrounding sound environments are created with material taken from every day life: Organic sound sources to a varying degree reconstructed by tone, rhythm, timbre and layers. The sonic material in "Works for Listening" appears as physical and tactile, and often abstracted from their original state. With Works for Listening the composer hopes to create inspiration for increased listening experiences in life.

Surel Lange’s work with Ambisonics is based on mono sound sources (field recordings, mostly done with contact microphones) placed in space where the development in the material (pitch, filters, frequencies, dynamics) are connected and emphasized.

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Thu, Jun 6, 7:30pm
CCRMA Stage, The Knoll
FREE and Open to the Public
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Tine Surel Lange is a Norwegian composer and artist – based in the arctic Lofoten Islands, Norway – with background from the Norwegian Academy of Music, The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Sonic College (DK) and the Royal Danish Academy of Music. She is working with the surrounding world both thematically and as materials and her works range from experimental chamber music to electro acoustic pieces (live electronics, soundscape composition, installation, ambisonics) to performances and audiovisual works. She has also done music to several theatre and dance performances. She belongs to a new generation of artists and composers who work with 3D audio, immersive and surrounding sound. She is engaged in listening aesthetics and our psychological categorization of sound. Her hope is to create increased empathy to our surroundings through listening.

Surel Lange's works and installations have been performed/presented at festivals such as Borealis (NO), Nordic Music Days (DK/IS/FI), Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (NO), UNM (SE/FI/NO), DruskoManija (LT), Berlin International Guitar Festival (DE), and Echofluxx (CZE). She has worked with ensembles like asamisimasa (NO), Alpaca Ensemble (NO), MolOt (RU), SISU Percussion Ensemble (NO), Lydenskab (DK) and Chordos String Quartet (LT). Besides having done several solo exhibitions (Lydgalleriet (NO), Galeri Ariblå (NO), Villa Borealis (NO)) she has also taken part in group exhibitions (like the Montage is a Heartbeat exhibition in South Korea). Surel Lange has also made sound for several dance projects like You Might Like Me Better If We Sleep Together and Until We Meet Again by choreographer/dancer Thomas Voll (NO), Is There by choreographer/dancer Thanh Chung Nguyen (VN) and choreographer/dancer Jun Boram (KR) with performances in South Korea and Singapore, and White String with choreographer/dancer Irina Demina (RU/DE) and tango guitarist Patricio Crom (AR) with performances in South Korea.

Currently Surel Lange is working on continuing the Works for Listening series for high order ambisonics, creating and exploring a new species that live of everything we can't live of in the Arctic Creatures series, and doing several residencies focusing on sound art and electro acoustic composition.

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This event is supported by Komponistenes Vederlagsfond (Norway).

Cost: FREE