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Thu, May 23 2019 8:00 PM

Land and Sea
5428 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

field recordings, electronics, french horn

GRETCHEN JUDE & Kevin Corcoran
percussion, voice, field recordings
[ hirakito CD release ]

Matt Davignon
drum machine


$10-20 donation (notaflof)

Matt Davignon is best known for combining drum machine and pre-recorded source material with a variety of electronic processing devices to create shifting layers of organic and expressive sounds. His music is inspired by field recordings, natural sound phenomena, irregular and imperfect rhythms, and psychedelic, drone and space music.

Improvisatory interaction with the immediate environment forms the core of Gretchen Jude’s sonic practice. Using voice, electronics, koto and anything else at hand, Gretchen explores the liminal spaces between natural and artificial, tradition and experimentation, self and other as s/he wanders various borderlands of contemporary experience. As a scholar-artist, with an MFA (Electronic Music) from Mills College and a PhD (Performance Studies) from UC Davis, Gretchen aims to synthesize and harmonize personal, embodied experience with the rapid changes in culture and machinery that both empower and impinge upon us.

Kevin Corcoran works with an open interest in sound as medium as it moves through contexts of music, art, ecology, and communication in performance and fixed media.
As a percussionist he is most interested in techniques which extend the sonic possibilities of the instrument emphasizing textural sound, friction, sympathetic vibration, sustained tones and the use of found objects where emphasis is placed on freely arranging sonic events in duration rather than marking time by rhythm.
He works also with environmental recordings, collecting sounds in natural and built surroundings through both observing and interacting with sites, and with electronic sound through feedback systems, computer software and cassette tapes. These sounds are often combined with percussion in performances where displaced sounds provide a temporary acoustic identity of the space and layers of past actions join the present moment of sound-making.

Anne Guthrie is an acoustician, composer, and French horn player based in San Francisco, CA. She studied music composition at University of Iowa, and architectural acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her music combines processed field recordings and instrumental improvisation while exploiting architectural and psycho-acoustic phenomena to distort and obscure sonic identities. Along with her solo work, she often performs and records with Billy Gomberg as FrauFraulein, and with Gomberg and Richard Kamerman as Delicate Sen.

Cost: $10-20 sliding (NOTAFLOF)
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