Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Jul 25 2019 7:30 PM

18th Annual Outsound New Music Summit, The Bay Area's Creative Music Festival
Crossing Borders, a night of ground breaking multimedia performance

<a href='/artist/94/francis-wong'>Francis Wong</a> & Lenora Lee Francis Wong & Lenora Lee
have been working together for over 20 years creating both fully improvised works as well as works that integrate composition, choreography, and improvisation. More Information

Andrea CentazzoAndrea Centazzo
Original percussion and electronics
Blending his percussion playing on a set of over 200 instruments, with electronics, computer sequencing and digital sampling, he brings to the listener the emotion of a new sonic adventure in jazz, world and contemporary avant-garde music. More Information

At a time when gentrification has already driven thousands of artists and musicians and their audiences out of the Bay Area, it is ever more urgent for Outsound Presents to continue fulfilling its mission by supporting, showcasing, and honoring those beyond categorization, audacious souls who stubbornly remain. The 18th Annual Outsound New Music Summit is a concentrated celebration of the music and its listeners, still independent and volunteer-run in a time of corporate takeover of the City’s music scene and a swiftly homogenizing City culture. The Summit boasts nearly two decades of curatorial experience but the sounds of its artists are still new, challenging, defiant, and uncompromising.

Cost: $18 gen, $15 sen, $12 stu
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Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: