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Sun, Dec 8 2019 8:00 PM


8PM Feral Luggage is a San Francisco-based septet band playing NullWave (think NYC lower east-side - punk jazz, Ornette Coleman, eklectro-acoustica sound-scapes) with some North African metal/folk/blues blended in for flavor.

Mika Pontecorvo - guitar, electronics, flute, vocals
• Kersti Abrams - alto saxophone, mbira, maqrunah, flute
• Elijah Pontecorvo - bass, vocals, keyboards
• Mark Pino - drums, percussion
• Patrick Talsfore, Jr. - drums, percussion
• Adriane Pontecorvo - cello, percussion

9PM zBug is a psychedelic jazz trio. Found in 2006 by David and features veteran musicians from the SFBA.

David Leikam - NS Design CR5-string bass / CR6-string cello, Moog synthesizer
• Sheila Bosco - drums
Patrick Cress - saxophones, clarinets

Cost: $5-15