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Sun, Mar 15 2020 3:00 PM

San Francisco Public Library, Richmond Branch
351 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94118

Jandek is the pseudonym that musical artist Sterling Richard Smith has used since 1978 for the more than ninety albums that have been released exclusively by the Houston-based, independent record label Corwood Industries. Jandek started performing live in 2004 and has since released more than thirty live albums, most of which are also available on DVD. Toronto Sunday (Corwood 0803) documents a performance by Jandek with three other musicians of the multi-part suite “Duality of Self” from 17 September 2006. Filmed by five cameras and featuring titles, it also represents Jandek’s most elaborate concert movie and was previously screened twice in theaters. This presentation will introduce the history and content of the performance within the context of Jandek’s full career followed by a screening of the full movie. Presenter Nikolai Sadik-Ogli has written a book-length manuscript that documents and analyzes Jandek’s full body of work within its cultural and historical context.

Part 2 of a two part presentation; part 1 "Introduction to Jandek" occurs on Sat. March 14, 3-5pm.

Photo credits - Jandek: Toronto Sunday (Corwood 0803) ©2010, 2011; courtesy of Corwood Industries.

Cost: Free
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