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Sat, Aug 8 2020 7:00 PM

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After barely escaping the 2017 Sonoma County wildfires, writing music became a healing necessity for Eki Shola, a musician and physician. In 2018 she wrote and produced a trilogy album (Possible, Drift, and Essential) following her 2016 debut album, Final Beginning, inspired by the passing of her mother. Possible symbolizes a moment characterized by hope and a determination to not give up after losing so much. Drift represents the subsequent period of wanting to be cocooned within a movement that was comforting, and healing.

Opening and closing with a rhythmic meditation, Essential evolved beyond its original intent to embrace newness and self-discovery through the power of voice. The album envelops you in instrumentals, spoken word, and lyrics that share hope and inspiration inspired by periods of contemplation among movements of climate change, coronavirus pandemic, and Black Lives Matter advocacy.

Partial proceeds to be donated to the Freedom Community Clinic serving underserved people of color who live in the Bay Area.
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This year I decided I wanted to enter the competition as a way of giving back to my community. The setting is in our garage where my music studio was (where I filmed my Tiny Desk 2016 entry) - both destroyed by the wildfires. Despite the contents being incinerated, the structure although not structurally sound, is somewhat erect and it reminds me that even in stark conditions, hope always remains. “Dreaming” is a song about growth and gratitude and is my gift to not only those affected by the wildfires but for all the strangers, friends, family and community that have supported us and Sonoma County over these months. Special thanks to and Ted Gould at I couldn’t have done this video without their talent. It was somewhat of a somber yet uplifting experience and I think they captured that essence beautifully. Dreaming of a new start! Eki Shola Lyrics: No time to say bye but giving thanks Trying to find peace of mind The