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Sun, Aug 30 2020 5:30 PM

With a passion for gospel music, Andrew Barnes Jamieson is the music director at Pacific School of Religion, and plays organ and piano for City of Refuge, UCC. With a passion for free improvisation and experimentation, he created the polytonal “Ives Band,” and is active in the Bay Area free improvisation community. He studied experimental composition and improvisation at Northwestern University and Mills College.

In his current work, he strives to bring those passions together. His 2014 chamber opera Heaven Down Here explores the profound hope and profound danger of both experimentation and faith traditions through the story of Jim Jones’ People Temple. His 2015 solo album Heard the Voice is a “dialogue” between experimental sounds and melodies of spirituals. He created the Trouble Ensemble, focused on “avant-gospel” arrangements of spirituals. And along with Tom Bickley, he founded the All Ears Interfaith Sangha, a community gathering dedicated to sound meditation integrated with faith/secular spiritual practices inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening work.

After nearly 6 months of daily improvisations, pianist/arranger Andrew Barnes Jamieson will perform a set that ties together his various sonic explorations: He will create and interpret solo piano pieces that bring separate elements into dialogue: familiar melodies (sometimes several at once, in different keys and tempi), unusual harmonies, rhythms from jazz and classical traditions, composition, and improvisation, streaming live from Center for New Music’s grand piano. He invites listening to the points of convergence, confusion, clarity, tension, humor, and insight through the juxtaposition of various elements and the contexts they represent, as a musical illustration of the kind of conversations needed for in-person cross-cultural dialogue.

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