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Sat, Oct 27 2012 8:00 PM

Awaken Cafe
1429 Broadway 15 street, Oakland, CA

Jack O' The Clock plays TWO unprecedented, heart stopping sets!

A very special Grex opens.

8pm: Grex-
Karl Evangelista- guitar/vocals
Rei Scampavia- keyboard/vocals/flute/percussion
guest- Jordan Glenn

Grex (the band) was formed in and around the Mills College music axis, late night inside jokes, and intense dissections of South African music, emphasizing genre bending, cross-idiomatic conceits and melding elements of mostly everything (Evangelista has a background in free jazz and Scampavia is a biologist) into something stark and eldritch. Elements of jazz, pop songwriting, garage rock, 20th century chamber music, and free improvisation merge to form an idiom in and of itself—”Grex music”—a living, breathing musical entity.

9pm: Jack O' The Clock-
Damon Waitkus- guitar/vocals/dulcimer/percussion
Emily Packard- violins/vocals
Kate McLoughlin- bassoon/vocals/flute
Jason Hoopes- bass/vocals
Jordan Glenn- drums/vibes/accordion/percussion
guest- Karl Evangelista

Jack O’ The Clock brings a quietly giddy sort of energy to the intersection of American folk songwriting and experimental music. The group’s sound, a jangly mix of concert-hall agility, acoustic rock drive, and junk shop scouring, is characterized by tight vocal harmonies and intricate arrangements for unusual combinations of instruments made possible by the varied musical experience and multi-instrumentalism of its five members, who have played everything from new music to art metal to fingerstyle folk to free improvisation, sometimes in the same concert. Jack O’ The Clock’s recordings go beyond the group’s live sound to incorporate bits of on-location percussion, found sounds, clandestinely recorded monologues, city noise, and various birds and insects, as well as a number of guest musicians and singers.

Cost: $5
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Fred Frith, Guitar; Jordan Glenn, Drums; Jason Hoopes, bass