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Fri, Dec 10 2010 8:30 PM

21 Grand Benefit @ Church of the Buzzard
2601 Adeline St. @ 26th St. entrance on 26th St. West Oakland
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By now it's thoroughly public knowledge that 21 Grand can't officially host live music on 25th St., but that doesn't mean we can't take our brand of ignore-the-genre experimentation other places. And, besides, we still need help paying our bills. So, we've combined the former compulsion & latter necessity to join efforts with First Church of the Buzzard to present this great line-up of musicians!

Confirmed so far we have (in no particular order):

Chen Santa Maria
Petit Mal
Alee Karim
Slaughter High
Moe! Staiano
SL Morse (Dominique Leone - keyboard, Curtis McKinney - bass, Sarah Lockhart, drums)
Omnivorous sinsillium
paige starling sorvillo / blindsight - with Kanoko Nishi
Thomas Carnacki
and Count Loachfillet at the dj console

Cost: $6
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Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: