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Fri, May 9 2003 8:15 PM

Scott Rosenberg's Skronktet West
Almost Transparent Blue from Vancouver

Scott Rosenberg's Skronktet West
Scott Rosenberg - Saxophones and Contrabass Clarinet
Morgan Guberman - Bass
Matt Ingalls - Clarinets
Gino Robair - Percussion
John Shiurba - Guitar

Almost Transparent Blue
Kelly Churko - Guitar and electronics
Skye Brooks - Drums and Percussion
Masa Anzai - Sax and electronics

Ex-bayarea saxophonist Scott Rosenberg returns to play with locals Gino Robair, john
shiurba , morgan guberman, and Matt Ingalls. With a new record on spool's "post rock" series [# 001!] and just back from a tour in france where they were billed as "Reunissant la creme de la nouvelle musique de la West Coast
americaine," this band combines insect-improv with mathy braxton-like
compositions by rosenberg, often with a rock flavor.

Vancouver's Almost Transparent Blue played a killer set on our series last
year to a near empty hall. They sound a bit like Splatter Trio - Gino
himself says the drummer is REALLY good - so you better not miss them this

Cost: FREE [donations accepted]
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Gino Robair and John Butcher, 2008