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Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]: [8pm Tentatively booked 9pm Phillip Greenlief/Scott Walton duo] More..
Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]: [The Miscreants: Ben Goldberg, Trevor Dunn, Scott Amendola] More..
Museum of Performance and Design [893B Folsom St. San Francisco]: [Eurythmy #2: Latifa Medjdoub & Haco / Tania Chen / Wobbly / Dereck Phillips] More..
Presidio Officer's Club [50 Moraga Ave SF]: [Rova Saxophone Quartet] More..
Bing Concert Hall Studio Space [327 Lasuen St Stanford CA 94305]: [In Space Nobody Hears You Bing - CCRMA at Bing - May 26th/27th 7.30PM Concert 1] More..
Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]: [Kyle Motl: Transmogrifications – Solo Contrabass] More..
Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street, Oakland]: [Temescal Arts Center Presents DunkelpeK - Trevor Dunn Phillip Greenlief duo] More..

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July 10-14
CCRMA Summer Workshop
Stanford University, CA

Electronic Arts Ensemble is designed for musicians, visual artists, programmers, designers, writers, dancers, actors, or artists of any discipline to collaboratively develop improvisatory performances using custom digital toolkits. 
The workshop will address topics including:
performance practices, with a focus on improvisation
music performance software (Max/MSP, Max4Live, Ableton Live, etc.)
video performance software (Jitter, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.)
hardware and sensors (Arduino, Kinect, MIDI controllers, etc.)
networked performance (OSC, JackTrip, etc.)

The schedule includes lectures, demos, discussions, and lab time. At the core of the workshop, daily group improvisations using customized toolkits will enable participants to develop a novel approach to their individual artistic practice. Participants are encouraged to experiment with the technology presented during the demos, and to engage with their peers in synergetic creation. The multidisciplinary ensemble will stage a public performance on the last day of the workshop.
Participants should either have an established artistic discipline, or have experience with programming and digital media. Both would be ideal, but not required. It is recommended that participants bring their own laptops and instruments, cameras, projectors, or other electronic gear.

About the instructors
Alex Chechile is an artist and composer whose work develops in parallel with research in neuroscience, psychoacoustics, and the biomechanics of hearing. His electroacoustic compositions and installations bring transparency to otherwise invisible processes in biology and technology. His work has been shown across the United States, Europe, and Asia. His projects have been supported by The New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), Harvestworks (NYC), Issue Project Room (NYC), the Experimental Television Center (NY), the Deep Listening Institute (NY), and the American Embassy. His work has been presented at MoMA, The 2011 New York Electronic Arts Festival, and SIGGRAPH San Diego. Alex performs in the SideLObe chamber laptop ensemble with Ge Wang, was a founding member of Pauline Oliveros' Tintinnabulate ensemble, collaborated with Mercury Rev, and opened for Primus. Chechile is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), and holds an MFA in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BA in Music from Tufts University.
Constantin Basica is a Romanian composer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose current work explores perceptual illusions in the context of audiovisual performance. His compositions include pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra, and opera. In recent years, he has been composing multimedia works for acoustic instruments, electronics, and video, which have been performed in Europe and in the United States by artists such as Séverine Ballon, Tony Arnold, Elision Ensemble, Ensemble Dal Niente, Ensemble Liminar, JACK Quartet, and Spektral Quartet. Constantin is the Alice Wilber Chapman graduate fellow at Stanford University, where he is working toward a D.M.A. in Composition. He received an M.A. degree in Multimedia Composition from the University of Music and Theater Hamburg, Germany, and two B.A. degrees in Composition and Conducting from the National University of Music Bucharest, Romania. As a teaching assistant at Stanford University, Constantin received the Chair’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2015. He was also one of the lecturers at the 2016 Sound and Music Computing Conference and Summer School in Hamburg, Germany.

Recently added shows

Maybeck Studio for the Performing Arts [1537 Euclid Ave. Berkeley]: [An Evening of Improvised Music with Ben Goldberg, Cory Smythe, and Stephan Crump] More...
Bing Concert Hall Studio Space [327 Lasuen Street Stanford CA 94305]: [In Space Nobody Hears You Bing - CCRMA at Bing - May 26th/27th 7.30PM Concert 2] More...
Bing Concert Hall Studio Space [327 Lasuen St Stanford CA 94305]: [In Space Nobody Hears You Bing - CCRMA at Bing - May 26th/27th 7.30PM Concert 1] More...
Re:Sound A-168 [Railroad Ave and Mercado Ct. Vallejo CA, 94592]: [Re:Sound SUN 2017] More...
Octopus Literary Salon [2101 Webster St. #170 Oakland]: [Helen Newby & Anne Rainwater plus Ali Dineen & Hannah Sassoon (NYC)] More...

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