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John Schott (07/29/2014)
Favorite Pieces By Elliott Carter!
Artist NameTitleDescription
E.C.Symphony of Three Orchestrasonly one recording: Boulez/NYP
E.C.Triple Duothe happiest atonal music?
E.C.Concerto for Orchestralast four minutes is delirium!
E.C.Syringatexts from ancient Greece and John Ashberry
E.C.What Next?opera
John Schott (07/29/2014)
A very partial list of CDs I love by local colleagues.
Artist NameTitleDescription
Dan PlonseyUnderstanding Human Behavioon Limited Sedition. I could pick many, many Plonsey CDs, they're all great.
Peter ApfelbaumLuminous CharmsGrammavision
Henry KaiserEverything Foreversolo guitar 2014
Ross HammondHumanity Suite2014
Lisa Mezzacappa TrioX Marks The Questionwith Chris Welcome and Mike Pride.
Vijay AndersonTouch and Go Sextet 
Rovaso many but the one I've listened to most is probably Beat Kennel 
John Schott (07/29/2014)
Solos I transcribed that changed my life.
Artist NameTitleDescription
Charlie ParkerKoko 
John ColtraneBlue Trane 
Miles Davis (John Coltrane)OleoPrestige label.
John ColtraneNumber Onefrom the CD re-issue of Expression
Lennie TristanoLine Upbased on "All of Me"
Pat MethenySolarfrom Question and Answer
Louis ArmstrongWeather Birdwith Earl Hines
Bud PowellDusk In Saudisolo, no improvisation
Coleman HawkinsShe's Funny That Wayfrom the same session as the famous Body and Soul (which I also transcribed!)
Thelonious MonkTheloniousBlue Note - where he goes into stride piano.
Lee KonitzAprilfrom Live At The Half Note
John Schott (07/29/2014)
Favorite Tracks from My Own Records
Artist NameTitleDescription
Junk GeniusGhost Of Electricitythe song "Gone Away"
John SchottShuffle PlayElegy: America
Dream KitchenSober Songs for Drunken TimesChantez-les Bas, featuring Richard Hadlock.
John SchottIn These Great Times1919, text by Jacob Glatshteyn
John SchottTypical OrchestraLos Angeles
John Schott (07/29/2014)
Favorite Simpsons Episodes
Artist NameTitleDescription
SimpsonsBart Trapped In A Well (Bart's Birthday)Homer gives Bart a "your voice coming out of the radio" microphone for his birthday. Features the allstar celebrity charity song "We're Sending Our Love Down The Well."
SimpsonsMarge and Duff Man having an affair?!? 
SimpsonsBaseball all-star team for Mr. Burns 
John Schott (07/29/2014)
Favorite Pieces By Arnold Schoenberg
Artist NameTitleDescription
Arnold SchoenbergPierrot Lunaire 
Arnold SchoenbergDrei Klavierstucke Op 11 
Arnold SchoenbergSerenade for Tenor and Seven Instruments, Op 24 
Arnold SchoenbergFive Pieces for Orchestra Op. 16 
Arnold SchoenbergString Trio 
Arnold SchoenbergViolin Concerto 
lucio menegon (07/23/2014)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Sun City GirlsTorch of the Mysticsjust so amazing in every respect. still trying to find an affordable cd or lp copy
Bill OrcuttHow the Thing Singsacoustic guitar solo. his thing just makes sense to me
Han Bennink/Terrie ExLaughing Owlelectric guitar & drums mayhem. these guys are so great together
Anthology of American Folk MusicVol III: Songsjust got the new Mississippi Records LP pressing of the first 3 original Harry Smith Anthology deep
Toru TakemitsuAn Autumn Gardenmysterious and relaxing
Karl Evangelista (06/30/2014)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Albert AylerVibrations/Ghosts 
Don CherryBrown Rice 
Charlie HadenLiberation Music Orchestra 
The Brotherhood of BreathBrotherhood 
Grant GreenStreet of Dreams 
Ornette ColemanCrisis 
phillip greenlief (05/18/2014)
more favorite street lacy recordings
Artist NameTitleDescription
steve lacycaperswith ronnie boykins, dennis charles on hat hut from a live date in nyc in 1979
steve lacy - andrea centazzo - kent carter trio livelive recording from 1976 released on centazzo's ictus label
steve lacy the waythe live quintet date on hat art with irene aebi, kent carter, steve potts, oliver johnson.
steve lacy triobye-yawith jean-jacques avenel and john betsch (aebi makes guest appearance on two tracks)
steve lacy - joelle leandreone more timethree righteous improvisations on the leo label. one of lacy's last recordings, and a rare one where he focuses more on sound than diatonic melody
phillip greenlief (05/18/2014)
it's been seriously bluesy around here this week
Artist NameTitleDescription
big bill broonzygood time tonight (roots and blues label)a collection of mostly unissued vocalion recordings 1930 - 1940
big mama thorntonhound dog - the peacock recordingscompilation of great recordings from 1952 - 1957
johnny guitar watsonspace guitar mastercompilation of recordings from 1955 - 1960
king curtisone of those seven albums on four CDs kind of thing from real gone jazzseven LPs spanning 1959 - 1962 ... perfect party music. impossible to listen to this without smiling.
Steve Adams (05/13/2014)
List posted on discussion group in response to a question about Steve Lacy
Artist NameTitleDescription
Steve LacySongs (with Brion Gysin)hatart
Steve LacyClinkers (solo)hatart
Steve LacyTroubles Black Saint (quintet) (available on itunes)
Steve LacyItinerary+16hatart (large ensemble)
Steve LacyMonk's Dream(quintet w/Roswell Rudd) Classics Jazz France (available on itunes)
Larry Ochs (04/01/2014)
Some of Ochs favorites
Artist NameTitleDescription
Art Ensemble of ChicagoLes Stance A SophieLabel: Nessa
Albert AylerLive in Europe 1964 -1966Label: Landmark
Orchestra BaobabPirates ChoiceLabel: WCD
Gino Robair (04/23/2008)
Thinking of Toyoji Tomita, who I've known since '86 and who will be greatly missed
Artist NameTitleDescription
Roscoe Mitchell/Tatsu AokiFirst Lookbass/reeds/percussion due that is relaxed and enjoyable to listen to. No BS, just lovely sounds.
Lisle EllisSucker Punch Requiem (An Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat)A concrete post-jazz work of the highest order, w Oliver Lake, G. Lewis, Pamela Z, and S. Ibarra.
Tanja Orning/Natasha BarrettDr. Oxlive manipulation of cello in an improv setting. Varied and delicious.
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (12/29/2007)
Favorite Recordings of 2007
Artist NameTitleDescription
Sabrina SiegelGrace/Precarious (Pax Recordings)
I'm Not There Original SoundtrackA film by Todd Haynes (Columbia/Sony)
Charlemagne PalestineA Sweet Quasimodo Between Black Vampire Butterflies for Maybeck (Cold Blue Music
Teiji ItoMusic for Maya: Early Film Music of Teiji Ito (Tzadik)
Kawabata MakotoHosanna Mantra (Important Records)
Manuel MotaOutubro: Solo Guitar Playing (Headlights Recordings)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (12/29/2007)
Favorite Recordings of 2007
Artist NameTitleDescription
Teiji ItoTenno (Tzadik)
Aaron Dugan + Jeff ArnalDog Day (C3R)
Marcos Fernandes/Bill HoristJerks and Creeps (Accretions)
Nathamuni BrothersMadras 1974 (Fire Museum Records)
The PeeesseyeMayhem in the Mansion, Shivers in the Shack (Evolving Ear)
W.O.O presents Mambo MantisTransphonic Dimensions (Konnex Records)
phillip greenlief (07/28/2007)
all over the map
Artist NameTitleDescription
jorrit dijkstra - john hollenbeck duosequenceremarkable saxophone/electronics and percussion duo - astonishing sounds
mississippi john hurtvanguard visionariesgreat place to start with his recordings - a unique voice in the blues/folk tradition
giovanni fuscomusic for michelangelo antonioniamazing writing...totally sublime, expressive, free wheeling...
john raskin quartetuntitled (graphic scores, with Allbee, Cremaschi, RobairBrilliant realizations of these great compositions - totally alive and kicking! very successful re-visioning of a well utlized instrumental lineup
asnaqetch werkulady with the krar - ethiopiques uncategorizable...brilliant conception...female voice and krar...(sounds like banjo, haven't heard this yet...)
kristin miltnergrainsbeautiful recording - great use of voice, electronics, processing, etc. - really spacious and open, not beaty but rhythmic, not pop but accessible - in a good way!
Just the new one from the Zloty Dawai: Pure Improv !
Artist NameTitleDescription
Zloty DawaiDada Work Chant
weasel walter (08/18/2006)
golden years of free jazz
Artist NameTitleDescription
yosuke yamashita trioclay (enja records, 1974)the '70s japanese scene seems to have slipped through the cracks. the noises they made were devastating.
masayuki takayanagi new direction unitaxis: another revolvable thing vol. 1 and 2mythic free destruction FINALLY on CD
peter kuhnlivin' rightwilliam parker, toshinori kondo, arthur williams, denis charles and kuhn on clarinet. a little known sleeper.
alan silva celestrial communications orchestramy country vintage free jazz orchestra chaos from '70!
michel portal varioushighly underrated '70s extrovert racked from the french scene
friendship next of kin feat. selwyn lissacklp (goody records)messed up early session with terroade, dyani, mike osbourne, et al.
So Long Flatfoot (08/06/2006)
fear and hope
Artist NameTitleDescription
Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui UXOthe wind rumbling over ground zero
Jackie-O MotherfuckerWow/ The Majick Fire Musicimprovised noise/ambient music
A Silver Mount Zion + Tra La La Memorial OrchestraHorses In The Sky
The RachelsThe Sea and The Bellsclassical music released on punk label
Do Make Say ThinkWinter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
MonoWalking Cloud, Deeo Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
John Abber (04/13/2006)
Artist NameTitleDescription
DnaThe Dark Projectmix of modern sounds,voices and elements
Gino Robair (01/30/2006)
Discs I keep reaching for... (late 2005/early 2006)
Artist NameTitleDescription
variousNot Necessarily "English Music" (EMF)AMM, Max Eastley, Frank Perry, Hugh Davies, Beresford, Cardew, John Stevens, SME orchestra....need I say more?
Steve RoachPossible Planet (Projekt)Gorgeous and deep real-time improv using only analog modular synths.
Steve Roach Fever Dreams (Projekt)Groovy ambient music that has that yummy Eno/John Hassell vibe
Steven Feld/Nii Noi NorteyThe Time of Bells, 3 (VoxLox)New recordings of music from Ghana, focussing on bells, but including car horns, saxes, drums, etc. Excellent disc!
dref (12/15/2005)
Artist NameTitleDescription
keith jarrettsun bear concerts (11/18/2005)
current obsessions in plastic
Artist NameTitleDescription
Musci/VenostaA Noise, A Sound (RéR, USA, 1992)witty entertaining sample improv playground
Pierre HenryLa Ville. Die Stadt 1984 (Wergo, Germany, 1994)dizzy sound walk through the french capitol
Charles HaywardSkew-Whiff (Sub Rosa, Belgium, 1989)Ex-This Heat/Camberwell Now drummer rocks bottom
dagmar krause & Marie GoyetteA Scientific Dream And a French Kiss (Resurgence, UK, 1998)a Voice, a Sound. Live on the AngelicA `97-CD
Scientist v. Prince JammyBig Showdown At King Tubby´s (Greensleeves, UK, 1980)Dub Soundsystem in the Boxing Ring, Knocks Out!
Sainkho NamtchylakLost Rivers (FMP, Germany, 1991)What a human voice can do is just unbelievable...
indy (06/27/2005)
Ambient/Trip Hop
Artist NameTitleDescription
ThessaloniansSolaristicsSolaristics is the 'old school' chill pill.
Deeper Than SpaceEarthriseGrooves like a mother.
FSOLLifeformsFloats from one great piece to another.
The Orbu.f.orbMesmerizing work.
JR Gabelman (06/23/2005)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Henry CowLegendBest progressive album of the 70's
Henry CowConcertsSublime
Art BearsWinter SongsFresh after hundreds of listenings
Fred FrithGravityBest Dance album
Skeleton CrewLearn to Talk/Country of BlindsFred and Tom At their finest
The Ensemble ModerneTraffic ContinuesFred's best classical work
R3000 (06/13/2005)
Free Improvisation from Cologne, Germany (dense freakouts !)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Zloty DawaiTeleopsis BelzebuthFree Download at:
Zloty DawaiJazz Nazis Must Die !
James Armstrong (04/20/2005)
Favorite CDs / April 2005
Artist NameTitleDescription
Andrew HillMosaic Select MS-016, in three discs Five recording sessions spanning 1967-1970.
Artist NameTitleDescription
Ivo PapasovBalkanology
christopher (12/28/2004)
what i been bumpin lately
Artist NameTitleDescription
Chet BakerSings It Could Happen to Youprobably the best album he ever made, in that it's actually pretty good
De La Soul3 Feet High and Risinga favorite in high school, and just as savage today
Kent CarterBeauvais Cathedralit's good, and it holds up despite the shitty sound
Derek BaileyImprovisation (you know, the Italian one)fo' my money, the best bailey album
George JonesCup of Loneliness: the Mercury Yearshis earliest shit is great, most of my favorite songs came in the 60's
Sam Rivers/Dave Hollands/tinfinately better than the one where rivers plays the piano and flute
Gino Robair (12/03/2004)
Fun stuff on the CD player this week: improv to rock (old and new)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Joelle Léandre - Kazue SawaiOrganic - mineral (In Situ)bass/koto improvisation, with some outstanding moments.
Leslie StuckPas (c74)algorithmic compter-based works for dance that are unique.
Guided by VoicesBee ThousandThis is one deceptively weird rock record, seemingly created by aliens
v/a Popular Electronics (early Dutch electronic mufrom Philips research labs '56-'63a box set of obscure EM tracks that are a treat to listen to
Peter Gabrielsong: My Head Sounds Like That (from UP)great song, weird sounding vocals, amazing blend of live brass from the Black Dyke Band.
Artist NameTitleDescription
France Valérynous les marins, nous ne faisons qu'undeux ans de vacances
Alexander (09/08/2004)
6 Top Favorite Free Improvsation albums
Artist NameTitleDescription
Derek Bailey/Han Bennink/Evan ParkerTopography of The LungsNot just one of the best improv albums, but one of the best albums ever.
John Butcher With Derek Bailey & Rhordi DaviesVortices & AngelesJohn Butcher is one of the best modern Saxists.
Spontaneous Music EnsembleQuintessence 1Features a classic line-up of wonderful improvisers.
MujicianSpacetimeA very elegant disc
Derek Bailey/Han BenninkPost Improvisation Vol.1: When We're SmilingActually, any Bailey/Bennink duo is worth the listening time & money.
Barry Guy & Matts GustafsonFroggingA personal favorite of mine.
cypod (08/16/2004)
Electronic music Critical Listening - Online collections
Artist NameTitleDescription
algorhtythmthe contingency ep
blisaedFeelings in General
Brannan Laneambient collaborations
Gregory GreeneTHE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream
Matt Davignon (06/15/2004)
some more nice drone discs ''cuz I messed up on the last one
Artist NameTitleDescription
DeathprodMorals & Dogmarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooo
Dielectric Drone All-StarsDr. Oneooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Rosy ParlaneIrisoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnn
Matt Davignon (06/15/2004)
nice drone discs
Artist NameTitleDescription
Jonathan Coleclough & Andrew ChalkSumacddddddddddddddddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Matt Davignon (03/24/2004)
Stuff Matt flips for
Artist NameTitleDescription
Leslie StuckPasContemporary electronic music for ballet
BizzartEar Drunga perfect example of what's possible in himp-hoxp
Zoe Keatingone cello x 16layers upon layers of cello, quite good
RapoonVernal Crossingmy "most repeatedly played" artist lately
MibaThe Corplate ProblemI haven't heard the cd yet, but the duo is excellent!
Phillip Greenlief (01/26/2004)
Minimal Verbal Responses Resulting from Recent Amoeba Shopping Spree
Artist NameTitleDescription
Milford Graves (solo)Stories (Tzadik)Virtuosic & Abandoned
DeerhoofReveille (Kill Rock Stars)Charming & Gnarly
Otomo YoshihideChathode (Tzadik)Austere & Audicious
Sun RaSolo Piano (Improvising Artists)Soulful & Abstract
Perez PradoEl Rey Del Mambo ((MLN) (early recordingsSuperb & Raw
Anthony BraxtonFor Alto (Delmark)Visionary & Urgent
Phillip Greenlief (12/23/2003)
Music for Girlfriends - Lovers - Wives
Artist NameTitleDescription
Souad MassiDebAlgerian pop music by singer with beautiful voice
Souad MassiRaoulDebut CD..more stripped down...mostly just her and her guitar
King Bennie NawahiHawaiin String VirtuosoAcoustic Steel Guitar from 1920's....GREAT performances
VariousBeginner's Guide to Bollywood3 CD set - 1st CD is filled with amazing cuts that skirt a variet of genres but remain dstinctly Indian
Mahalia JacksonSunday Morning Prayer MeetingGreat performances with small group (organ, piano, drums)
SyzygysComplete Studio Recordings on TzadikJapanese duo that play Harry Partch Organ and Viola
Michael Bettine (09/20/2003)
Fave percussion recordings I''m currently listening to
Artist NameTitleDescription
Joey Baron/Robyn SchulkowskyDinosaur Dances (Private Pressing)Amazing composed duos pf mostly drums. Very rhythmic and entrancing.
Aga Mayo ButocanMaguindinao Kulintang (Tao Music)Solo Kulintang Gong music from the Philippine - need I say more?
Music Of Indonesia 12: Gongs and Various ArtistsMusic Of Indonesia 12: Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra (Smithsonian Folkways)Great sounding field recordings that feature different gong styles and some amazing Muslim vocal styings.
Andrea CentazzoVisions (Deep Music Records)Great compositions along with inspired playing - all done in real time with no sequencing.
Glenn KotcheIntroducing (Locust)Very unexpected percussion trance music. If Jackson Pollock played drums he would've made this disc.
Lê Quan NinhLe Ventre Nagatif (Meniscus)Another fantastic solo recording by the French percussionist. He gets the most amazing sounds out of so little equipment.
Gino Robair (08/27/2003)
From my 2003 end-of-summer listening list
Artist NameTitleDescription
Derek Bailey/Dennis Palmer/Bob StagnerLive at Lamar's (Shaking Ray Records)Bailey and the Shaking Ray Levis team up for an evening of free improvisation that goes in some surprising directions. Prog elements implied!
EKGShift or Latch (Crank Satori 3")Kyle Bruckmann (Eng. horn) and Ernst Karel (trumpet) with their analog synths playing in a relaxed and highly musical way.
Michael Evansm.e. super star (ATMOTW)Wonderful extended-percussion solos in tender bite-size chunks. The disc is completely black on both sides -- how does it play?
FlowtillaOut of the Inside (Acorn Sonata)Self-described '70s cop-show music. Groovin' and jammin' the old fashioned way.
Tanja FeichtmairKaman Wasi (Extraplatte)Astute and energetic solos on alto sax, bass clarinet, and voice in a variety of styles. And one of the loudest sax players I've ever heard live, that remained musical throughout
David Greenberger/Shaking Ray LevisMayor of the Tennessee River (PelPel)Spoken-word memories with haunting musical accompaniment. Includes Frank Pahl and Kenny Palmer!
Scott Bailey (02/26/2003)
good stuff, bay-ay-bee
Artist NameTitleDescription
CosmosTearsJapanese minimalist improv, Sachiko M-sinewaves, Ami Yoshida-voice, amazing
Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelley, Chris CorsanoSannyassigreat lyrical dialogue between Flaherty and Kelley, Corsano is (eek!) a powerhouse drummer
Gino Robair (02/21/2003)
Exciting sounds from around the world
Artist NameTitleDescription
Birgit Ulher/Ulrich Phillipp/Roger Turner (aka PUTUmlaut (NurNichtNur)Very astute and engaging improvisation
Yuko Nexus6Journal de Tokyo (Sonore)voices (in French and Japanes) and twisted sounds. Yum!
Jacopo AndreiniVS 900 Vol. 1 (Frigorifero)A collection of works, some very raw, but this fascinating Italian percussionist/composer. Some downright humorous moments. Could this be the Italian Moe! Staiano?
Arrington De Dionyso QuartetThe Album (Wallace Records)A document of 18 days in the life of this kick-ass band. Noisy at times, but in just the right way.Includes Andreini on drums.
various artistsc74 001-007 (Cycling '74)Interesting computer-based works created with Cycling '74 products by Tetsu Inoue, Carl Stone, Kim Cascone, etc
Hans ReichelYuxo: A New Daxophone Opera (A,L,L)Reichel just keeps making amazing music. Great packaging, which includes color photos of his instruments and workshop.
Gino Robair (02/18/2003)
I''m stuck on these records right now, go away....
Artist NameTitleDescription
Tyondai BraxtonHistory That Has No Effect (JMZ003)Wow. I just can't stop listening to a couple of these tracks. Check this CD out!
SistolPhthalo 15Who is this? Amazing music from simple boops and beeps.
Roger ReynoldsAll Known, All White (Pogus)The 2nd track, Ping, just kicked my ass again.
Michael ByronMusic of Nights Without Moon or Pearl (Cold Blue)West Coast new music, masterfully played. Track 1 is like a warm bath...
Musci/Cutler/Rose/GabbianoSteel Water Light (ReR)3-dimensional electro-acoustic improvisation
Jacob Lindsay (02/05/2003)
some favorites + some new stuff
Artist NameTitleDescription
minton/butcher/hirttwo concertsfantastic disc!!!
wolfgang fuchsbits & piecesgreat solo work; sopranino, bass cl., contrabass clarinet, etc.
lungestrong languagegail brand, phil durrant, pat thomas, Mark Sanders; just out, very strong indeed
LOOSArmstrongVan Bergans algorithimc band + dramatic vocals, Louis Armstrong tribute; completely original
PolweschelPolweschel 2Dafeldecker, Stangl, Butcher, Moser; dry viennese music at it's best
Keith RoweHarshWhy
James Armstrong (pianist) (01/30/2003)
Favorite disks/January 2003
Artist NameTitleDescription
Marc-Andre Hamelin/City of Birmingham Symphony OrcFerruccio Busoni: Piano Concerto in C major, Opus 39 (Hyperion CDA67143)Elegant, fiendishly difficult piano concerto in 8 movements
Bobby HutchersonDialogue (Blue Note CDP 7 46537 2)One of Andrew Hill's finest sessions; includes "Les Noirs Marchant" and "Ghetto Lights"
Jeno Jando/Budapest Symphony OrchestraBartok Piano Concertos Nos. 1-3 (Naxos 8.550771)Definitive recordings by this Bartok specialist
Carlos Bechegas & Peter KowaldOpen Secrets: A Suite in 13 Parts (Forward 01)Magnificent, episodic duets with the late, great bassist
Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Paul LyttonOdyssey (Intakt CD 070)Consistently challenging piano trio inventions
Steve Lacy SextetThe Condor (Soul Note 1135)1986 session w/ Steve Potts, Irene Aebi, Bobby Few
Rommel (01/10/2003)
just this week, just this week.................
Artist NameTitleDescription
Rova/ T. RileyChanting the light of foresightthe four have some sort of intra-psychic connection that is beyond me....
His Name Is AliveSomeday my blues will cover the earthheard them on the Brothers Quay short films.....
MozartClarinet concerto A maj., Oboe concerto C maj., Fagott concerto Bflat maj.Deutsche Gram. Wiener, Bohm, cheap. good.
Bach/Hilliard Ens. Morimur(ECM) compelling, beautiful..........did I mention free?
Jeff MangumOrange Twin Field Works vol. 1beautiful Bulgarian folk field recordings by Jeff of Neutral milk Hotel. Too short but worth the listen.
Jean-Luc Cinema GodardBande a Part (Criterion)it's a disk..........
Gino Robair (01/05/2003)
Old and new stuff I''m currently listening to (in no particular order)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Douglas QuinAntarctica (Miramar Recordings)Incredible field recordings: the underwater tracks sound like electronic music - heavy.
[The User]Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers (Asphodel)Just what it says, but very well done. Groovy mechanicals using full stereo space.
Stefan HelmreichXerophonics (Seeland)Copying machines that make you tap your feet? And how...
various artists (curated by David Toop)Not Necessarily "English Music" (Leonardo Music Journal)Experimental music from the UK, '60-'77. Some raw stuff here.
various artistsBBC Radiophonic Music (BBC)reissue of '70s LP featuring old-school sounds. From goofy to sublime.
Takeo YamashitaGiant Robo (soundtrack; Ever Anime International)From original live-action series. Sounds like free jazz sometimes. Very interesting and inviting.
John Lee (12/30/2002)
random picks
Artist NameTitleDescription
Albert AylerSpiritual Unity"rosetta stone of free jazz" - george cremaschi
Bola SeteShambhala Moonreissue of brazilian guitarist's masterpiece from 1982
Tronzo, Granelli, EpsteinCrunchinteresting slide guitar playing from tronzo
Fred Frith and Henry KaiserFriends and Enemiesmore interesting guitar from Bay Area players
Sonny Simmons TrioLive In Parisstandards and originals from a free jazz master
Elvis CostelloWhen I Was Cruelcomeback album of the year
andre custodio (12/17/2002)
schizophrenic mew - sic
Artist NameTitleDescription
the sun and the moonthe great escapemore 80s shoegazing pop
black sabbath heavan and helldio to your mother...again
unwoman knowledge scarslike bannanas for hot oatmeal...sad and comforting
raison d'etreprospectus Isamples representing the open arms of the apocalypse
twineN/Aanything tom and doug do together is brilliant!
scott looneysolo pianothis is your man...really
Roscoe 2000 (11/14/2002)
on KALX 90.7fm, Thursdays 3-5:30pm, at least for November
Artist NameTitleDescription
client/serverend ofguitar drones & loops
eyvind kanglive low to the earth...violin drones & loops
hands toegresscactus drones & loops
jonathan colecloughcakeenvironment drones & loops
loren mazzacane/alan lichtmercuryback to guitars drones & loops
climax blues bandgold platedhopefully i haven't now negated all above
matt davignon (09/18/2002)
electronic fun
Artist NameTitleDescription
alogduck-rabbit (rune grammofon)norwegian electronics from developed improvs
jon hassell/brian eno4th world/possible musics (editions eg/caroline)bizarre trumpet sounds plus percussion & loops
los sampler's descargas (rather interesting)atom heart disguised as chilean all-sampler jam band
philip jeckvinul coda I-III (intermedium)haunting music from many simultaneous turntables
coelacanththe chronograph (partition)textures upon textures
genius/gzaliquid swordsthe competition is weak like clock radio speakers
André Custodio (09/09/2002)
Listening fool
Artist NameTitleDescription
Curtis MayfieldCurtis/Live!Chicago funk @ its finest!
One Step Shift2002 5-song EPEarnest indie-punk. Don't hurt yourself.
Judas PriestSin After SinHere comes the nostalgia
And Also The TreesVirus MeadowNothing experimental here. Old-school goth, esé.
Loop.poolTranslucent Dayglo Lime Green PlasticLoop artist makes good
Ernesto Diaz-InfanteAcoustic Guitar - Disc 31Push cart by Jen. This is the big one, weezy!
ernesto, jen, tomas (09/02/2002)
pax recordings 6 [august 2002]
Artist NameTitleDescription
melgunla macchina che moltiplica a per tre (fringes)italian 4tet improv w/alessandro bosetti
marcos fernandeshybrid vigor (accretions)composed contructed music
jandekready for the house (corwood)outsider music from texas
all time presentdistant microphones pick up both direct & reflected sound (evolving ear)3 guitars, 2 perc. nyc/philly
gary hassay/anne lebaronblackwater bridge (drimala)alto sax, harp duos
donkeybig sur (accrections)guitar/electronics duo/recorded live at 2001 big sur experimental music festival
ernesto diaz-infante (09/02/2002)
summer 2002 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
taku sugimotoitalia (a bruit secret)solo guitar
brett larner/taku sugimotodelux nakamura (sparkling beatnik)duos
the bohman brothersa twist for all pockets (rossbin)home-made instruments etc
bernard gunter"un feu de neige salie" (element)"what-you-hear-is-what-you-get"
otomo yoshihideanode (tzadik)conditions on improvisers
keiji hainobeginning and end, interwoven (streamline)improvised music and songs
Non-Bay Area Guy (07/25/2002)
Stuff I''m listening to (from no particular style)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Debashish BhattacharyaHindustani Slide GuitarNorth Indian guitar player. The 40+ min. alap must be heard to be believed.
Mamoru FujiedaPatterns of PlantsUnderstated and elegant microtonal stuff on Asian instruments. This finds a middle ground between East Asian and European medieval music (!).
Dave LiebmanLoneliness of a Long-Distance RunnerLiebman doing overdubbed soprano saxes. Obviously this sounds nothing like any sax ensemble you've heard. A very personal and intense record.
Ivo Papasov and his OrchestraBalkanologyClarinetist Papasov plays like a man possessed. Possibly the definitive modern Balkan recording.
Aiko ShimadaBlue MarbleSinging/songwriting that is both accessible and somewhat challenging. Beautiful arrangements and production.
Thomas ChapinAlive8 CDs from this late, lamented unsung hero of modern music. There's almost too much fantastic stuff here. Pick it up at any price!
Pedro from down unda (05/10/2002)
Classy free muzik , noize, & out rock
Artist NameTitleDescription
The Shadow RingWax-Work Echoes (Corpus Hermticum)Spacious guitar, vocals, sounds
No Neck Blues BandLetters From the Earth (S@1)Classical ambient noize from NYC rooftop
Explosions In the SkyHow Strange, Innocence (Sad Loud America)Lovely angst, post post-rock
Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works Vol I (R&S)Pioneering techno enius - nuff sed
PoleCD1 (Kiff)Stefan Betke's subterranean worldscape
Dead C.DR503 (Flying Nun)Still the best one
ernesto diaz-infante (04/05/2002)
april 2002 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
annette krebsguitar (a bruit secret)guitar solo
annette krebs/taku sugimotoa duo in berlin (slub music)guitars, electronics,6 string bass
andrea neumann/annette krebsrotophorm (charhizma)innenklavier, mischpult, elektrakustische gitarre
andrea neuman/toshimaru nakamuraaton (rossbin production)sound devices
ignaz schick/andrea neumannpetit pale (zarek)live-electronics and inside-piano
sven-ake johansson/axel dorner/andrea neumannbarcelona series (hatology)drums, trumpet, and pianoharp
tom djll (02/18/2002)
And to think I traded my ''Sun Bear Concerts'' for this!?!
Artist NameTitleDescription
Luc FerrariInterrupteur/Tautologos 3Re-release of 1970 recordings. Great sound and great performances. Ferrari takes minimalism and shoves it.
Anthony BraxtonQuartet (Dortmund) 1976George Lewis' baptizum of fire. As Gino sez, "He plays those heads as if he's the guy who wrote 'em."
Anthony BraxtonCreative Orchestra Music 1976All-time classic. What a year. What a band. What a shame it's OOP.
Natsuki TamuraA song for JyakiSolo trumpet by a master. Traversing the tightrope from jazz to noise.
Rajesh MethaReconfigurations"I've been allured by the poetic dimension in mathematics," says this former Bay Area trumpet-noisester. Thankfully there's lots of poetry here. Great ensemble work.
Brett Larner (01/13/2002)
January - not much improvisation this time, it seems
Artist NameTitleDescription
Black Eyed PeasBridging the Gap (Interscope)mmm mmm
Anthony BraxtonComposition N. 247 (Leo)Bagpipes and two woodwinds, circular breathing, ghost trance music. This makes me want to find Matthew Welch's disc of Braxton's music played on solo bagpipes.
John Cale and Terry RileyChurch of Anthrax (Columbia)I can't believe they were so funky.
The CoctailsLive at Lounge Ax (Carrot Top)An oldie but a goodie. I never get tired of this.
Yoshihide OtomoAnode (Tzadik)What is this? The jury's still out. I want to listen more. The only thing for sure is that this sounds nothing like anything else any of the people on this disc are doing these days.
Charley PattonScreamin' and Hollerin' the Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton (Revenant)7-CD box set with a truckload of notes. Absolutely incredible packaging, first-rate documentation, and of course the music.
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (01/06/2002)
January 2002 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
pablo st. chaoswhen you force me against the breaking earth (lo-bango sound)ambient/noise from texas
zabloudila2000, mc (mdk)noise improv from czech republic
ovoassassine (bar la muerte)total morbid improv from italy
allunet sise (bar la muerte)female pagan improv no wave from italy
seth misterka and the misterka clonespresident's day (newsonic)noisy, enormously energetic music from new york
brandon evans/seth misterkamisterka death march/day of the persuassive presence (newsonic/parallactic recordynamic new york based electro-acoustic/reeds duo
Gino Robair (12/21/2001)
On my disc changer, December 2001: Electronic Music I Enjoy
Artist NameTitleDescription
Fuzzy BunnyFuzzy Bunny (Sonore) lovely amalgam of messed-up loops, samples, and noise from HUB members. Live electronic music at its finest
Mark TrayleRPM::MHZ (Artifact)Exceptional music from unlikely digital sources and real-world detritus. Trayle is a personal fave in this genre
Robert RichBestiary (Release)analog synth-based "space music" (I hate that term). Finely crafted and superb sound quality
Laurie SpiegelObsolete Systems (EMF)Innovator, pioneer...a collection of works on older electronic instruments, such as the Buchla synth.
Her Space HolidayManic ExpressiveFile under Indie Rock, I suppose. Fun to listen to.
Fuxa (pronounced fuschia)3 Field RotationOkay, it's a few years old. logy rhythms and beepy synths. Warm-blanket music
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (12/04/2001)
December 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Concrete ViolinForce Fed (Lazy Squid Rekkids)Texan (Houston) Austin Caustic current noise project
The Abrasion EnsembleMusic for the same 500 people (beta-lactam ring records)a classic 'Texas' (Austin) take on European free improv
NoumenoRegression now for the future (Gameboy records)dual guitar improvisations from Ohio. droney, noisy, an all around good time!
The Bran (Another Plight of Medic's...) Pos3XX3 (chitah)a triple-layered concept album to be listened to at appropriate hours of the day
Trio ChrochLive in New York (Av-Art records)Denmark trio (electronics/guitar/drums).. music recorded on their last tour to NY
Costes with Toshi HiraokaNo sex boy (Hard Disc International)Divine free noise meditations . Recorded in Tokyo/Paris
Tom Djll (12/03/2001)
tunes to erase the holidays from your head
Artist NameTitleDescription
Honsinger/Beresford/Toop/KondoImitation of Life/Double IndemnityJust re-released on Unheard Music Series. Wild Brit-improv from 1981 with the awesome KONDO!
Frozen Brass: AsiaAnthology of brass band music #1Albert Ayler lives -- in Sumatra! Also, Philippino bamboo 'brass' orchestras
Gebbia/Powell/SmithPeople in Motionjust great improv
Kondo/Bernocchi/LaswellCHARGEDWhat Miles Davis should have been doing post-1980
Sonny Rollins/Coleman HawkinsSonny Meets HawkTry as he might, Sonny couldn't get the best of the Hawk. Some very weird jazz here. Paul Bley shines
Moe! Staiano (11/24/2001)
My current list of discs bashing my head with it''s soulful tunes....
Artist NameTitleDescription
This HeatDeceitI'll just say it's a pity they didn't continue after this LP
Swell MapsSweep The DesertCompilation of stuff from these art rockers
Erase ErrataOther AnimalsA new discovery of no-wavers frm SF, nice
Diagram BrothersSome Marvels in Modern ScienceVery pre-Spaceheads; awesome agit-punk ala DHF
Witold LutoslawskiPostlude; Cello Concerto, et al (Vol. 3)20th Century (Polish?) composer I've been listening to
Ex OrkstEen Rondje Holland20-piece orchestra performing music of the Ex
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (11/06/2001)
November 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Emergency String QuartetHill Music (Spring Garden Music)chamber music for the 21st century..improvisations for string quartet
Richard Cholakian/Philip GayleHud Pes (Yabyum)duo improvisations for guitars and percussion
Neglige-electronic underwearPranatal Inferno (Archegon)live electronics and live computer music, no overdubs
Gunter SchrothBarcode Music (Archegon)all electronic sounds are 100% barcode controlled
Six and More Oisi Voci (Archegon)improvisation with electronic and electro-acoustic equipment
Six and MoreBlue Q (Archegon)free collective improvisation with electronic and electro-acoustic instruments
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (11/06/2001)
October 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Phillip GreenliefRussian Notebooks (Evander)music for 2 guitars and 2 wind instruments
Eric LeonardsonRadio Reverie In The Waiting Place (Not In The Family Records)an array of devices and materials
Tony Bevan/John Edwards/Mark Sandersnothing is permanent but woe (foghorn records)music for bass sax, double bass, drums & percussion
Burkhard Stangl/Christof KurzmannSchnee (Erstwhile Records)music for acoustic & electric guitars, percussion and g3
Matt De Gennaro & Alastair GalbraithWire Music (Corpus Hermeticum)music for 2 piano wires and violin
Nuisance BeaconNuisance Beacon (CIP)power electronics/noise..high pitched abrasive sounds
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (09/27/2001)
September 2001 Top 6 (addendum)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Jeffrey Allport/Tim OliveJeffrey Allport/Tim Olive (Celo Recordings)seven improvised sound environments miniatures for guitar and percussion
Carol Genetti/Eric LeonardsonAnimus (Not In The Family Records)duo improvisations for voice and springboard
Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O'Rourke/Drumm/SiewerDafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O'Rourke/Drumm/Siewert (Charhizma)sheets fo sound textures, pops, cracks, and buzzes of guitars, electronics, bass, g3, clarinet, and theremin
CoelacanthThe Chronograph (Partition)textural drone ensemble of Jim Haynes and Loren Chasse
Fernando GrilloFluvine (Ampersand)solo explorations of the limits of the contrabass...Stockhausen dubbed him the Buddha of the contrabass
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova ConsonanzaMusica Su Schemi (Ampersand)inaudible whir, clatter and scrape and bubbling blast of sound...Franco Evangelisti (piano/perc) Egisto Macchi (perc/strings) Ennio Morricone (tpt/fl.) Antonello Neri (piano) Giovanni Piazza (horn/fl/
Brett Larner (09/09/2001)
currently in my player as of 9/8
Artist NameTitleDescription
Atari KohsukeKurudando (Jabara)2nd disc by 19-yr old folk shamisen player/vocalist from Amami Oshima
John CaleSun Blindness Music (ToTE)solo recordings, purportedly from the '60s
John FaheyDays Have Gone By (Fantasy/Takoma)reissue of my favourite Fahey album
Andrea Neumann/Toshimaru NakamuraAT0N (Rossbin)the album I wish I had recorded with Toshimaru.....
Nakamura MizukiIsland Girl (Jabara)another teenager from Amami Oshima playing old-time tunes; incredibly gorgeous vocals; every person I've ever played this for has bought a copy
v/aDeluxe Improvisation Series Vol. I: 2000 (ASE)a damned good comp, even if I did release it; the first track by Tetsu Saitoh is the best solo improvisation I've ever seen anyone play
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (09/01/2001)
September Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
LozengeDoozy (ToYo records)Chicago-based Lozenge is an “experimental” rock band (formed in Texas). Lozenge plays noisy, complicated songs and other times improvises....
Anna HomlerHouse Of Hands (ND)A compilation of atmospheric and haunting recordings made by other-wordly Los Angeles vocalist Anna Homler.
La Reproduction Interdite d'une Peinture de CriseLa Reproduction Interdite d'une Peinture de Crise (Kids Eat Free Records)A collaboration between songwriter Dorothy Geller of Laconic Chamber and Washington D.C.sound composer Douglas Wolf.
London Improvisers OrchestraThe Hearing Continues (Emanem)A 2-CD set recording of 37 London musicians performing free improvisations, conductions and rule-based schemes, and in one case the musicians reacted to a film.
Khoury/Shearer/HallInsignia (Public Eyesore)Enigmatic Detroit free jazz trio featuring violin improviser Mike Khoury, percussionist Ben Hall, and saxophonist Jason Shearer. Features the trios best studio and live recordings of 2000.
The ToidsRuupert Dances in FinsA local bay area CD of extra adventurous Balkan, original, and thrash creative jazz.
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (08/13/2001)
August 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Brett LarnerITADAKIMASU - improvised duets 1994-2000 (Spool)13-string koto, 17-string bass koto, and 21-string gu zheng duet improvisations with Jim O'Rourke (hurdy-gurdy); Ted Reichman (accordion); Samm Bennett (electronics); John Shiurba (acoustic guitar);
The SlabThe Slab (Elephant Music)New Zealand free improvisation: Brian Hutson, bari sax/tenor sax; Matthew Mitchell, guitar; Simon O'Rorke, percussion
James Coleman: Theremin"Zuihitsu" (Sedimental)Theremin improv collaborations with Greg Kelly (tpt.); Tatsuya Nakatani (perc); Vic Rawlings (cello/electronics); Bhob Rainey (sax); Liz Tonne (voice)
Matt TurnerCrushed Smoke (Tautology)solo cello and noise improv
Kyle BruckmannEntymology (Barely Auditable)solo improvisations for oboe/english horn/suona
Jason KahnAnalogues (Cut)soundfile assemblage> radio, drums, metals, piano
Tom Djll (08/12/2001)
Local favorites and some klassics
Artist NameTitleDescription
Left Coast Improv Group(eponymous) Jimzeen CD 1003highly-evolved collective group improvisation. Privately-released "Live at 21 Grand" is even better
matt ingallsrecent work (2001)severe formalist composing and improvising by our own Bay Area clarinet monster punk
John OswaldPlunderphonicsjust re-released on Seeland, a collection of some of the most significant and listenable music concrete ever stolen
AlterationsUp Your SleeveDavid Toop, Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack and Terry Day. Just about my favorite free-improvisation recording. Witty, sardonic, oblique, out-of-print
Morton FeldmanPatterns in a Chromatic Field (Cello and Piano)Rohan De Saram of the Arditti Quartet and Marianne Schroeder bring to life Feldman's terrifying silences
Miles DavisOLYMPIA (11 Juillet 1973)one of several new live bootlegs of simply the greatest electroacoustic funk/improv band that ever existed. can't wait to hear "Another Unity" from '75...
Gino Robair (08/03/2001)
Favorite electronic and improv discs during July/August 2001
Artist NameTitleDescription
Morton SubotnickVolume 1: Electronic Works (Mode 97: DVD)amazing multichannel works, especially for fans of analog modular synthesizers and Buchla instruments
Palette SonoreStructures Sonores Baschet (SSP 01)Pieces played on the marvelous Baschet sound sculptures.
Ivan TscherepninFlores Musicales, etc (CRI 684)Lovely works for acoustic instruments and electronic processing via Serge modular synths.
C-Side & Petit MalSwarm Warnings: Gatmo Sessions vol. 2 (Gatmo)Improvs by the finest instrument inventors in California w. Tom Waits on vocals
M. Griffin/D. FultonThe Most Distant Point Known (Hypnos)Slowly evolving soundscapes using MOTM/Doepfer gear: yummy!
andy (07/25/2001)
in the house
Artist NameTitleDescription
Olivier Messiaenpar lui-memebest ever recording of La Nativite du Seigneur
Karlheinz StockhausenKontaktePiano, percussion, 8-channel tape
Akio SuzukiSoundsphereExperimental music for solo performer... minimalist but very rich (also hard to find)
OHMThe early gurus of electronic music1948-1980 ; 3 discs ; excellent buy, compilation of many artists
Olivier MessiaenCatalogue d'oiseauxPiano - music depicting birds and their environments
Alwyn Quebido (07/12/2001)
Al''s Heavy Rotation List, 12 July 2001
Artist NameTitleDescription
Nico Desert ShoreThe Queen of the Goths
PainkillerExecution GroundYummy
John ColtraneOle ColtraneDolphy! Trane! Yeah!
Mr. BungleDisco VolanteThe feelgood album of 1995...or was it 96?
Zeena Parkins IsabelleI'm dying to make music with her
Dream TheaterScenes From A MemoryIncredibly cheesy yet amazing prog-metal, complete with screaming vocals!
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (07/08/2001)
July 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Jack Wright Large Ensemble8 x 9 (lIMItEd SEdItION)woodwinds, brass, contrabass, guitar, voice, percussion
Scott RosenbergIE (for large ensemble) (barely auditable records)strings, guitar, brass, accordion, voice, percussion
High Desert DuoInside The Landscape (Zerx)Kurt Heyl (trombone), Dave Nielsen (drums)
Peter Kowald & Damon SmithMirrors - Broken But No Dust (Balance Point Acoustics)double bass
Jack Wright/Bob Marsh/Bhob Rainey/Fred Lonberg-HolThe Darkest Corner, The Most Conspicuous (CIMP)saxophones and cellos
Greg KelleyTrumpet (Meniscus)solo trumpet
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (06/02/2001)
June 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Nels ClineDestroy All (Atavistic)guitars, bass, percussion, electric harp, & d6 clarinet
Marcelo Radulovich(case of the missing) THUMB (Accretions)phonography locations: San Diego, Mexico, Big Sur, Hong Kong, Chile, San Francisco
Eric Glick RiemanTen To The Googolplex (Accretions)prepared rhodes electric piano
Janet Feder(Guitar) Speak Puppet (ReR)prepared classical, dobro, & wrong-strung guitar
Gustavo AguilarLooking for Aztlan (Acoustic Levitation)solo percussion, guitar, voice
LantanaTanka (Sparkling Beatnik Records)koto trio: Ryuko Mizutani, Shoko Hikage, Noriko Tsuboi
André Custodio (05/28/2001)
O.K....I''m listening!
Artist NameTitleDescription
Pandit Sharda SahaiThe Spirit of BenaresExpressive tabla from a master.
Franco Degrassi/Gianni LenociNo Title (1998)Free-Improvised sound [quite industrial]
MorgensternZyklenVERY industrial [painfully so]
Tri-Cornered Tent Show? [i don't know]Side-show free-jazz
Black SabbathThe Mob RulesDIO to your mother!
The Chameleons U.K.Strange TimesTimeless album, Ageless pop.
Gino Robair (05/07/2001)
Spring 2001 CD highlights
Artist NameTitleDescription
Paul Dunmallsolo Bagpipes (DLE 001)Completely masterful playing. Best solo wind disc I've heard in quite awhile.
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282Bob Dinners and Larry Noodles Present Tubby Turdner's CelebritWhat rock SHOULD sound like in the 21st Century.
Derek Bailey/Eddie PrevostOre (Arrival Records)Damn fine duo by two master improvisers
various artistsMedical Milestones (Hot Air: CD compilation)Strange music music brought to you by Stock, Hausen, & Walkman and friends
Spezza RottoCinque Canzoni (Recordi Ripugnante)If the Ruins used an online Italian dictionary, it might sound like this
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (05/01/2001)
May 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Koji AsanoQuoted Landscape (Solstice)electroacoustic
Bob Falesch/Bob MarshWater Music (ZeroEggzie)metaPiano, electronics, cello, voice
Gino RobairSingular Pleasures (Rastascan Records)percussion music for listening and sampling
99 Hooker & Akio MokunoTechzilla (No Solution)sax and electronics
Franco Degrassi/Gianni LenociFranco Degrassi/Gianni Lenoci (ASC Records)piano, musical workstation, environmental and acoustical instrument sounds
Jaap Blonk/Jacky Merit/Paul Plimley/Barry TrauxMusicworks CD 79 (Musicworks)ongoing explorations in sound
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (04/10/2001)
April 2001 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
ProtuberanceTreated and Released (Zerx 019)Paul Pulaski-guitar;Mark Weaver-tuba;Dave Wayne-drums
Jack WrightRattle OK (Spring Garden Music)Jack Wright and friends--a sampler sept.1999-feb.2001
FetishFetish (Tautology 013)David Gross: alto & baritone saxophones, clarinet; Michael Bullock: contrabass; Tatsuya Nakatani percussion
Clocked-Out DuoEvery Night the Same Dream (COP-CD001)Erik Griswold, piano | Vanessa Tomlinson, percussion
Oscar Noriega's Play PartyLuciano's Dream (OmniTone)Oscar Noriega, bass clarinet, alto saxophone; Cuong Vu, trumpet; Brad Shepik, guitar; Tom Rainey, drums
The Joel Futterman/Ike Levin Trio with Randall HunInterView (IML 26-001)Joel Futterman: piano, curved soprano saxophone, and indian flute; Ike Levin: tenor saxophone, brazilian kalimba, canfi indian flute, and tambourine; Randall Hunt: contrabass and bells
André Custodio (04/05/2001)
top 6 listening [4/5/2001]
Artist NameTitleDescription
The Chameleons U.K.What Does Anything Mean? Basically.80's earnestly-sad brit-pop
King FelixOwlsPost-Modern electroacoustic compositions.
Morgan GubermanHamadryas Baboonabstract upright bass
The Broken Menself-titledsad new wave for the painfully alone.
Michael MaselyBest OfFinger-Bowed and struck Cymbalom!
Phillip Greenleaf/Scott Amendola?Incredible "free-jazz" done with spirit and skill!
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (03/01/2001)
March 2001 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Old Time RelijunLa Sirena de Pecera (K)Avant rock trio with Arrington de Dionyso
The Recordings<<Recordings>> (Megaphone/Reference)John Dierker (alto sax), Bob Wagner (drums), Jason Willett (bass) and John Berndt (guitar)
Henry FlyntYou Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power (Recorded)New American Ethnic Music, New York Concerts
Brad Dutz/John HolmesDutes for Percussion (Truemedia)LA improv percussion duo
Air Traffic ControllersWhisper Number (Parallelism)Gerard Cosloy (guitar, boxes), Jon Steele (drums)
John FaheyThe Dance of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (Takoma Records)...influential acoustic guitarists of his generation
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (02/12/2001)
February 2001 top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
W.O.O. RevelatorThe Theory Of Reversed Effort (Sweet Stuff/Evolving Ear)tenor sax, electric guitar, drums avant-rock improv
Aaron BennettLive at Luggage (ADBSound)solo soprano sax; plus a duet with Katt Sammon, voice
Thurston Moore/Wally Shoup/Toshi MakiharaHurricane Floyd (Sublingual)electric guitar, alto sax, percussion; free jazz/avant rock trioimprov
Hans FjellestadRed Sauce Baby (Accretions)improv-compositions, electronics, with guest performers
Philip GaylePnbna (Fleece Records)solo acoustic improvisations; 6/12-string guitar, mandolin etc.
Matthew Goodheart/Dominic DuvalCrossings (Cadence Jazz Records)piano/contrabass improv/composition duets
Ronald Thompson (01/29/2001)
What I''ve been listening to lately
Artist NameTitleDescription
Elliott CarterString Quartet #5One of my main influences and great stuff
Maybe MondaySaturn's FingerGreat music by three great musicians
Roger SessionsSymphonies 6, 7 and 9Dennis Russell Davies conducts
Anthony BraxtonTenetNewish release on Braxton records
John Lee (01/12/2001)
Stuff I''ve been listening to lately
Artist NameTitleDescription
Anthony BraxtonFor AltoRecently released on CD. Essential
Rent Romus' Lords of OutlandAvatar in the Field - A tribute to Albert AylerFirst release on Edgetone Records
Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Donald RobinsonCherry BoxMills College concert from 1998
Evan Parker TrioAtlantawith Barry Guy and Paul Lytton
The Lost TrioRemembrance of Songs PastPhillip Greenlief, Dan Seamans, Tom Hassett play Monk, Strayhorn, etc
Etta JamesChess Box SetClassic R&B
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (01/01/2001)
January 2001 Top 6
Artist NameTitleDescription
Matt WestonVacuums (Sachimay)solo percussion and electronics
Saadet TurkozMarmara Sea (Intakt)voice, gtr, bass, ud, and electric cello
Return To OneHopes and Dreams (Circumvention)woodwinds, bass, and percussion
That Nothing Is KnownQuartet Improvisations (Recorded)vocals, electronics, drums, and saxophones
Mike Cooper & Viv CorringhamAvantroots (Mash)vocals, electronics, slide guitar, and keyboards
Philip TomasicFigure (Sachimay)solo guitar
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (12/07/2000)
December 2000 Top 5
Artist NameTitleDescription
Jeff ArnalSolo Percussion (Generate Records)Brooklyn free improv drumming
All Time Presentgood vibrations/no expectations (Evolving Ear)NYC trio guitars/percussion improv (Toshi Makahara, special guest)
Francisco LopezQal'at Abd'Al-Salam (Asellus)Madrid, Spain sound artist EA
Donald Miller/Michael J. SchumacherFlood (Warpodisc)Music derived from 2 electric guitars
Dan DeChellisChamber Music (Sachimay)Improvised chamber music (pn, vln. voice. theremin, perc)
Trio ChrochLive at Dexter (AV-Art)Danish free improv (pn, tpt, voice, gtr, drms)
john clair (11/28/2000)
high times
Artist NameTitleDescription
joe maneriAnythingjimmy giuffree in the year 2000, with amazing musicians by his side
martin tetreaultanythingturntable manipulations
john coltranemeditationsthe ab slide of jazz music
clair/sosis/graham/ginsberghiggs bosoncoming out soon on offshoreauding drilling
art ensemblethe spirituallots of acid i the water
simon fellvhflots more acid
Gino Robair (10/27/2000)
Fascinating new releases (year 2000) of improvised music
Artist NameTitleDescription
Tom NunnBurning Palms (garuda records)Nunn's finest and most mature playing to date.
Thomas Lehn/Marcus SchmicklerBART (Erstwhile)Fine duos pitting analog synth against computer-generated sounds.
Denman Maroney/Hans TammenBillabong (Potlatch)prepared "hyperpiano" & "endangered guita lovely!
Gunter Muller/Le Quan NinhLa Voyelle Liquide (Erstwhile)Meaningful electroacoustic music by 2 percussionists
Jon RoseThe Hyperstring Project (ReR)Fine fine collection of messed-up violin music: Masterful
Adam BohmanMusic and Words (Paradigm)Heavy & disturbing vocals/prep guitar cutups. Ok, it's a 1999 issue. Tough!
Phillip Greenlief (10/19/2000)
You should hear this
Artist NameTitleDescription
Bela BartokString QuartetsRecording by the Eder Quartet, on the Telarc Label makes other recordings sound academic
Marion BrownDuetsThis was one of the first improvised music albums I ever heard (1976) and it still kills me
Nels ClineThe InklingMarvellous compositions for acoustic and electric-based quartet with Xena Parkins, Mark Dresser and Billy Mintz - an awesome date, both conceptually and performance-wise
PJ HarveyRid of MeYou've probably already heard this, but I'm knocked out by her writing and execution of those great tunes.
Arnold SchoenbergSuite, Op 27Check out the performance by Boulez' Ensemble Contemporaire, an exciting performance of this great and difficult work
Splatter TrioHi-Fi Junk NoteMy favorite improv-based recording of the 1990's. A gem, buy this CD and glue your ears to it.
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (10/07/2000)
October 2000/Top 5
Artist NameTitleDescription
Rene Lussier/Martin TétreaultDur Noyau Dur (dAMe)acoustic/electric guitars, turntables, radio collages
Bill HoristSongs from the Nerve Wheel (Bill Horist)solo guitars improvisations - grungy-soundscape-surreal loops
Marcelo Radulovich/Marco FernandesThe Whisper Chipper (Accretions)wood chipper field recordings combined with ambient guitar loops, noise collage recordings combined with layers of ambient guitar noise loops, radio collages and tamboura box percussion
Adam LaneHollywood Wedding (CJR)mingusesque hard-driving avant jazz band music
London Improvisers OrchestraProceedings (Emanem)large ensmeble improv explorations
Kaoru AbeLast date 8.28.1978 (DIW)3 extended solos for sax, gtr, harmonica
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (09/13/2000)
september2000 favorites
Artist NameTitleDescription
Butcher/Robair/Sperry12 Milagritos//spool'heterogeneity of consecutive sounds'
Gustafsson/Newman/GennaroPort Huron Picnic//spool'post-cagean, discrete sounds, short in duration"
Ali/Kowald/TsaharDeals, Ideas & Ideals//hopscotch'trio forming an arc(k) of sound'
Rutherford/Bailey/GuyIskra 1903: Chapter one/emanem'watch the sunflowers'
Wadada Leo SmithReflectativity'blending trio improvs and composition'
John CageEtudes Australes: Grete Sultan, piano//wergo'atonal clutsers, harmonies, resonating drones'
Gino Robair (09/05/2000)
Favorite new ElectroAcoustic releases/reissues
Artist NameTitleDescription
Raymond ScottManhattan Research IncScott is an unsung pioneer in elec.inst design
various artistsOHM: Early gurus of Elec. MusicFascinating survey of electronic music
George AntheilBallet Mecanique (EMF records)Premiere of orig. vers. w/ 16 players pianos!
various artistsPower & Responsibility (Leonardo Music Journal v. 9)CD-ROM of interesting crative works
John CageBird Cage (EMF)Important work for tapes and voice
Morgan Guberman (08/09/2000)
individual worlds
Artist NameTitleDescription
Robert AshleyEl Afficionadoprofoundly poetic words/insights w sound fieldss
Frank PahlRemove the Corklullabies with a circus twist
Hans TammenEndangered Guitarbrash psycho improv
Thinking PlagueExtremisesArt Rock
Leandre/TramontanaE'Veroeuropean improv w/Joelle Leandre & Sebi Tramontana
Arto Lindsayaggregates 1-26Rock Trio w/some improv
Zenobios (07/03/2000)
CD''s no consciousness should be without, and don''t forget Danielle DeGruttola
Artist NameTitleDescription
Derek Bailey/Henry KaiserWireforksWhat it must be like to do LSD in a big room filled with windchimes and fine crystal.
Mats Gustafsson/Barry Guy/Paul LovensMouth Eating Trees And Related ActivitiesSometimes scary, sometimes beautiful, always wonderful. Plus it's one of the best recording quality, captures these guys' tone(s) perfectly.
Evan ParkerMonocerosNot as dense and challenging to "hear" as Conic Sections, but it's wonderful. Better for beginners, you'll be able to hear what Evan is doing. Once you master this, buy Conic Sections.
Tisziji Munoz (also with Pharoah Sanders, Rashied Spirit WorldThis guy is my God of "free-jazz guitar". He is so free and going way beyond anything more "famous" people are even attempting. Pharoah's best playing in years.
Nels Cline/Gregg BendianInterstellar Space RevisitedIntergalactic guitar-and-percussion version of Coltranes album. This goes to places that would make Coltrane scratch his head in bewilderment.
Derek Bailey/Min Xiao-FenViperI feel bad putting two Bailey cd's up here but Min's playing on this is so surreal. This is her only free-improvisation cd as far as I know which is too bad, she is one of my all-time favorites. A tru
john clair (01/05/2000)
active improvisers
Artist NameTitleDescription
assif tsaharshekina/ein sof/ home cooking- all amazingmy personal favorite sax player and rythmn section. most original and underapprecited sax player ever. always compared with gayle etc as modern ayler but has a style so completely his own and subtle a
william parkercompassion seizes bed stuypersonal favorite from most influential musician around, one of many classics
david s ware quartetwisdom of uncertaintyclassic quartet
matthew shipp string trioby the law of musicfavorite piano player in a chamber setting
mats gustafssonanything with barry guytwo amazing europeans doing things no one else does on their instruments
john butcherthe scenic routevery english improv with durrant violin very nice
John Lee (12/15/1999)
Recent CDs by Bay Area Musicians
Artist NameTitleDescription
Damon SmithContradictory Conseqences: the Unavoidable RouteSolo Double Bass
Shiurba, Robair, Rosenberg, GubermanSpotted DickPurchase at <a href="">Limited Sedition</a>
Tim PerkisPerkolatorElectronics, also at <a href="">Limited Sedition</a>
Ronald ThompsonSpirit Park, vol3Ron Thompson, Guitar, Larry Ochs, Saxophones, Karen Stackpole, percussion
Danielle DeGruttolaOaktown DreamsDanielle on Cello, mandolin, bouzouki
Gino Robair (12/15/1999)
Fave Non-Improv CDs today
Artist NameTitleDescription
Think PlagueIn this Life (ReR) complex rock at its finest
5UUsHunger's Teeth (ReR) another fine disc of complex rock
StereolabDots and Loops (label?)unimaginable electronic beauty disguised as hip indie rock
Jon Spencer's Blues ExplosionOrange (Matador)amazing energy and production
Lydia KavinaMusic from the Ether (Mode)masterful theremin virtuosa!
damon (09/19/1999)
the most improtant event of ''99 is gunter christmann''s return to recording
Artist NameTitleDescription
g.c./mats gusstafson"one to(two)"- okkadiskadvanced improvisation for cello/trombone +sax
g.c./evan parker"here/now"- concepts of doingsame as above w/solos & duos
g.c./alex frangahiem"alla prima"-concept of doingclo/trmb. with double bass
g.c./elka schipper"parole"-edition explicosoundpoetry(one word) w/g.c.
vario"vario" 34-2-concept of doinggunter's group concept all-star, recomended
Jim F.; SxF SD (04/11/1999)
Top 5 Free Jazz CD''s
Artist NameTitleDescription
Dunmall/Adams/SandersGhostly Thoughts - Hatology90's Kaput Play
Something ElsePlaying w. Tunes - Bruce's FingersSimon Fell, Mike Beck & Paul Hession swing like mad
T. Borgman Trio w. P. BrotzmanStalker Songs - CIMPBrotzmans best to these ears
Scott Fields Ens.Disaster at Sea - Music and ArtsElectric guitar assault from Academia
Evan ParkerLondon Air Lift - FMPMy favorite Parker since his Metalanguage recordings
Philip Gelb (03/13/1999)
what is on top of my cd player now
Artist NameTitleDescription
Yokoyama KatsuyaUntitled on OcaraThe greatest living shakuhachi player performs masterpieces from the dokyoku school of shakuhachi playing
New WindsTractionNed Rothenberg, Robert Dick and Jd Parran
Duke EllingtonFar East SuiteDuke ROCKS! The orchestra is on fire on this recording
Teruhisa FukudaEspirits Animeaux volume 2new compositions for shakuhachi with violin and cello from Japanese composers. Fukuda is one of the premiere new music shakuhachi players along with Yoshikazu Iwamoto, Yokoyama Katsuya, Ned Rothenberg
Tom Harper (03/03/1999)
Melange a Trois
Artist NameTitleDescription
lee pui mingstrange beautysolo piano - lyrical new music, her own stuff, but reminiscent of Crispell
vladimir rezitskyHot Sounds from the ArcticI love the changes this explores - new music from Russia
don byronBug Musicmusic of Scott, Kirby, and Ellington. harken back to the days of maturing collective improvisation
Dan Plonsey (02/03/1999)
Sun Ra Classics (in print) Which Everyone Must Own
Artist NameTitleDescription
Sun RaSpace is the Place (Impulse)early 70's; classic title track & Rocket #9 & more
Sun RaThe Magic City (Evidence reissue)65, conducted improvs, much austerity & elevation
Sun RaAngels & Demons at Play (Evidence)any 50's era Sun Ra Chicago stuff is equally great!
Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy (Evid.)weird transitional music between big band and free
Sun Ra We Travel the Spaceways (Evidence)also transitional, often simple
Sun RaMayan Templesby far the best Ra album after mid-80's
Dan Plonsey (02/03/1999)
Recent Favorites (not necessarily recorded recently)
Artist NameTitleDescription
Lee "Scratch" PerryThe Return of Djangoreissue of keyboard-led jaunty dub
Various Launeddas Musicians[various recordings from Sardinia]circular-breathed triple-clarinets (one drone)
Joseph SpenceGood Morning Mr. WalkerBahamanian guitarist/singer knows half the words
variousZydeco Classics (Arhoolie)Gets the two-year-old dancing
Braxton/Graewe duetBraxton/Graewe duet (or whatever)high spirited and humorous improvisations
meUnderstanding Human Behavioutterly ridiculous music for oboe, synth, & voice
John Lee (12/19/1998)
The 80s
Artist NameTitleDescription
Anthony Braxton19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988More solo Braxton, available on CD from New Albion Records
John ZornSpy vs. SpyZorn plays Ornette really fast
Rova Saxophone QuartetThis time we are bothRova live in the Soviet Union
David MossFull HouseMoss with Zorn, Frith, Laswell, Lindsay, Tacuma, etc (on Moers Music). If you get tired of saxophones, check this out
Kate BushThe Sensual WorldWith David Gilmour
David MurrayThe HillWith Richard Davis, bass and Joe Chambers, drums. Black Saint Records
John Lee (12/19/1998)
Early Influences - This is the stuff that got me hooked.
Artist NameTitleDescription
Anthony BraxtonFor AltoVery influential in solidifying the concept of a solo free jazz performance
Sun RaAngels and Demons At PlayIt's remarkable where these guys were at in 1956
John ColtraneSun ShipThe Classic Quartet. This record is not as well known as some of his others. Check out Trane's solo on the title cut
Wilson PickettThe Exciting Wilson PickettDo that jerk! Watch me work!
Albert AylerSpiritual UnityTrio with Sunny Murray and Gary Peacock
Ornette ColemanThe Art of the ImprovisersMy first Ornette album, and still one of his best