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08/10/2020 - 09/24/2020

Tuesday, August 11
Tue 8/11 8:00 PM The Laundry SF [3359 26th St SF]
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Resident is a monthly electronic audiovisual open mic event started in 2017. It is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at The Laundry. Resident is casual and cool, and the community you'll find is like no other for aspiring electronic musicians in the Bay. No judgments, no bullshit, just positive support and openness to new ideas. Due to restrictions, this show will only be streamed online, do not come to the Laundry  More...
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Friday, August 14
Fri 8/14 7:00 PM Internet Streaming [Online]
The Electronic Lover – Podcast Launch and Listening Party

The Center for New Music hosts an online Zoom launch event with the cast and creators of The Electronic Lover, a new podcast opera by Bay Area composer Lisa Mezzacappa and Brooklyn writer Beth Lisick, on Friday, August 14 at 7pm.

Click Here to RSVP. Attendees will receive an email with the zoom link and instructions on how to join approximately 30 minutes before the showtime.  More...
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Saturday, August 15
Sat 8/15 11:00 AM Internet Streaming [Online]
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Franck Martin - Live from the studio, every Saturday at 11am PST, modular synthesizer, chat, news with Distortion Corporation  More...
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Sat 8/15 1:00 PM CCRMA []
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Quarantine Sessions #20 | A Distributed Electroacoustic Network Improvisation

The Coronavirus Crisis has changed our lives and we are in the midst of a long period without concerts as we knew them. In addition to the problem of large audiences, the regulations also make it 'virtually' impossible for musicians to get together, to rehearse, or perform. However, many technologies and solutions are already available, helping us to find new ways of collaborating and transporting our work to audiences.

In the past ten weeks, we have been programming, testing, and rehearsing in an online environment between California, Berlin (DE), and Ghent (BE). Each Saturday afternoon we are presenting a concert that connects six musicians from these locations and guests from other places to each other. The sessions are broadcast live with audio and video feeds from each site.  More...
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Sunday, August 16
Sun 8/16 7:00 PM Shapeshifters Cinema [567 5th St. Oakland]
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Live from Shapeshifters: Suki O'Kane and Tim Perkis  More...
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