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A list of musicians living and performing in the Bay Area. Select an artist's name for details.
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Bruce Ackley
Saxophonist, composer, Rova member, band leader.
Steve Adams
Saxophonist, composer, Rova member, band leader
Josh Allen
Laurie Amat
Laurie Amat is an acclaimed vocalist, improvisational performer, experimental composer and teacher. Her approach to singing is informed by broad experience including pop, rock, traditional and inventive opera, spoken word, video, dance, theatre and performance art.
Scott Amendola
drums, percussion, composer, band leader
Vijay Anderson
Freelance drummer, bandleader, composer, and teacher
Jon Arkin
Amma Ateria
Ritwik Banerji
ethnomusicologist, improviser, sound artist, and saxophonist
Nancy Beckman
Lorin Benedict
improvising vocalist
Tom Bickley
Recorder, Vocals, Electronics
John Bischoff
Computer and Electronic Music
Black Cedar
Black Cedar is devoted to the performance and creation of existing and new chamber music for flute, cello, and guitar.
Jorge Boehringer
composer, sound artist
Myles Boisen
Guitarist, composer, band leader
Chris Brown
electronics and piano
Sheldon Brown
saxophone, clarinet, piccolo, flute, alto sax
Kyle Bruckmann
Oboe, English horn, analog electronics
Christopher Burns
composer, improviser, and multimedia artist
Alex Candelaria
San Francisco based guitarist/composer
Ian Carey
trumpeter, composer, arranger, bandleader and instructor
Doug Carroll
Electric violin, cello
Brett Carson
pianist, composer
Amanda Chaudhary
composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music
Tania Chen
Pianist, improviser, experimental musician, sound artist.
Mark Clifford
vibraphonist, composer, and percussionist
Rachel Condry
clarinetist, composer and improviser
Michael Cooke
Composer, multi-reeds : flute, saxes, bass clarinet, and bassoon
Kevin Corcoran
percussion / phonography
Patrick Cress
saxophonist and composer
Eli Crews
Bass, guitar, recording engineer
Bill Crossman
pianist, composer, and educator
Beth Custer
Clarinetist, composer, performer, and teacher
Andre Custodio
Drummer | Music Educator | Improviser
Matt Davignon
Drum Machine & electronically-modified sounds
Bryan Day
improviser, instrument builder, and conceptual artist
Tim DeCillis
Percussionist, Composer, Improviser
Solidad Decosta
spoken word artist, author, performer, pianist and composer
Danielle DeGruttola
Cello, Electric Cello, Composer
Del Sol String Quartet
Riveting performances of new music with a global pulse
Ernesto Diaz-Infante
guitarist, composer and improviser
Thomas Dimuzio
composer, musician, mastering engineer and label proprietor
James Diomede
Tom Djll
Trumpet, keyboards, electronics, composer, writer
Smith Dobson V
Drummer, vibraphonist, composer, bandleader
Wade Driver
Drums, Exhaustophone, Guitar, Electronics, Sheet Metal, Free Cymbals, Anything and Everything
Jack Curtis Dubowsky
composer, pianist, bassist, keyboardist, arranger, filmmaker.
Nava Dunkelman
percussionist and improviser
Kristina Dutton
Violinist, Improviser, Composer
Dario Facelift
a noise artist, jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist
Thea Farhadian
James Fei
saxophones and live electronics
Tara Flandreau
violinist/violist/composer/improviser /educator
gabby fluke-mogul
Violinist, Improviser, Composer, Educator
Fred Frith
Guitarist, Composer
Eddie Gale
Philip Gelb
Ghost In The House
A soundtrack for the subconscious
Barbara Golden
Composer, performer, producer.
Greg Goodman
improvising pianist
Lance Grabmiller
Electronic and Electroacoustic music
Phillip Greenlief
Woodwinds, Composer, Educator
Scot Gresham-Lancaster
Composer, Instrument Designer, Computer Musician
Wayne Grim
musician and sound artist
Ross Hammond
Happy Valley Band
The Great American Songbook heard through the ear of a machine
Ron Heglin
Trombone, tuba, voice
Matt Herman
San Francisco-based extended-range guitarist/looper with Storm Door, Disonova, and solo.
Julie Herndon
Jack Hertz
Artist / Programmer / Synthesist
Motoko Honda
concert pianist, composer, and sound artist
Jason Hoopes
Bassist / Educator
Bill Hsu
electronics and real-time video
Matt Ingalls
Clarinet, Computer Music
John Ingle
Andrew Jamieson
pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger
Lewis Jordan
alto saxophone, poetry
Henry Kaiser
Guitarist, improviser
Kasey Knudsen
saxophonist, composer & educator
Heikki Koskinen
E-trumpet, recorder, piano, composer, educator
Henry Kuntz
tenor saxophone, musette, wood flutes, etc.
Todd Larson
Working as an improvising musician and composer, including ambient/electronic/soundscapes informed by architecture, urban life, nature.
Joe Lasqo
◉ Neogaku, Indo-Modernism, and post-jazz ◉ Laptop, piano, and percussion
Matt Lebofsky
Keyboards, electric bass, guitar, Warr guitar, drums
Dohee Lee
improvising Korean percussionist, dancer, vocalist
David Leikam
San Francisco-based composer-performer, NS Design endorsement artist, and bandleader of the industrial jazz unit zBug.
Cheryl E. Leonard
composer - performer - instrument builder
Aaron Levin
drums, percussion, & electronics
Sarah Lockhart
curator and video artist, drums
Scott R. Looney
piano, hyperpiano, electronics
Robert Lopez
The Lost Trio
Phillip Greenlief, saxophones; Dan Seamans, bass; Tom Hassett, drums
Doug Lynner
performs, composes and records using vintage and contemporary analog modular synthesizers, digital and virtual synthesizers and traditional instruments
Bob Marsh
Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist
Joshua Marshall
saxophonist and composer/improviser
Eric Marshall
upright and electric bass
Franck Martin
I make noise, some people are nice with me and call it music.
Jenny Maybee
pianist, vocalist and composer
Collette McCaslin
Cornet, analogue electronics
Thollem McDonas
Myra Melford
Pianist, composer
Lucio Menegon
guitarist, composer, sonic artist
Lisa Mezzacappa
double bassist, improviser, composer
David Michalak
Filmmaker/Soundtracks/Lap steel guitar
Dave Mihaly
Drummer and music teacher
Roscoe Mitchell
composer, jazz instrumentalist and educator
Larry de la Cruz, saxophone; Jim Peterson, saxophone; Jeremy Steinkoler, drums
Polly Moller
Composer, performer, improviser; flute, bass flute, voice, guitar
Amy X Neuburg
composer/performer, voice and electronics, chamber works
Bill Noertker
Kjell Nordeson
Will Northlich-Redmond
multi-instrumentalist, composer, electronic musician, and educator
Aaron Novik
composer, clarinetist, bandleader
Tom Nunn
Improviser / Experimental Instruments
Larry Ochs
Saxophonist, composer, Rova member, band leader
Suki O'Kane
ercussionist, composer, instigator
Ann O'Rourke
Free improviser - video, vocals, percussion
Sam Ospovat
Crystal Pascucci
cellist, composer and improviser
Daniel Pearce
Drummer working in areas of free improvisation and jazz, long and short forms.
Jakob Pek
multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer, and poet
Tim Perkis
James Perley
Composer and interactive media artist
Dan Plonsey
Saxophonist, composer, band leader, webmaster
Edword (Word, Eddie)
Drums, drum machines, percussion, electronics, samples
Mika Pontecorvo
guitarist, flutist, live electronics, composer, improviser, process architect
Garth Powell
drums, percussion, composition
Teddy Rankin-Parker
cello player specializing in New Music, Improvisation, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Jon Raskin
Saxophonist, composer, Rova member, band leader
JoJo Razor
An Oakland vocalist who uses improvisation, film, music, loops and samples in my performances
Amy Reed
visual artist/composer/improvisor
rob reich
Yes, I'm the one who eats the music.
Roger Riedlbauer
guitar player, audio criminal
Eric Glick Rieman
composer - prepared Rhodes, piano, and multi-instrumentalist performer
Gino Robair
Percussionist, Splatter Trio
Jake Rodriguez
Rent Romus
Saxophonist, instrumentalist and composer, producer, curator
Rova Saxophone Quartet
Larry Ochs, Bruce Ackley, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams
Jim Ryan
Saxophones, flute, spoken word
David Samas
composer, cosmologist, poet, painter, performer, philosopher, farmer and father of 4
San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Experience large-ensemble contemporary classical works of the most influential and innovative composers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Dean Santomieri
electronic music and musique concrete
Richard Saunders
bassist and composer
John Schott
Guitarist, composer, teacher, human.
Dan Seamans
Bassist and founding member of The Lost Trio, The New Klezmer Trio, and with bassist with Graham Connah's Jettison Slinky, Sonya Hunter, and many others
Jonathan Segel
composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist
Sophia Shen
Composer, sound artist, pipa performer/ improviser and pianist
John Shiurba
Todd Sickafoose
Bassist, Bandleader, Composer
David Slusser
Electronics, Woodwinds, Composer
Moe! Staiano
Drums, percussion, composer, orchestra leader
Christina Stanley
violinist, composer, vocalist and experienced music instructor
Donald Swearingen
composer and pianist
Oluyemi Thomas
Saxophones, bass clarinet
Ijeoma Thomas
Spoken word artist, poet
Marshall Trammell
Ken Ueno
Biggi Vinkeloe
alto saxophone and flute
Andrew Voigt
Saxophones, concert & Bass flutes, recording engineer
Eli Wallace
pianist and composer
Luke Westbrook
guitarist, composer
Peter Whitehead
composer, songwriter, performer and instrument builder
Jennifer Wilsey
percussionist, improviser, composer, and educator
Sarah Wilson
Composer, trumpeter, singer-songwriter
William Winant
Bill Wolter
guitarist, composer, and bandleader
Theresa Wong
Cellist, improviser and composer
Francis Wong
Pamela Z
zBug is the premiere industrial jazz unit that presents structured improvisational compositional music sets, based on architecture.