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Sat, Jun 27 2015 1:00 PM

The 3rd Annual Richard Waters New Music Festival celebrates invented instruments and extended techniques and features Musicians from the greater Bay Area. The festival runs from 1:00 - 10:00 PM and is inspired by Richard Waters and his invention, the Waterphone. This years festival includes a Waterphone Orchestra and a guest appearance by Rayme Waters and Waterphone builder Brooks Hubbert.

1:00 Beak
Jordan Glenn - conduction, Jason Hoopes - bass, Bob LaDue - percussion, Will Northlich-Redmond - guitar/kalimba, Mark Clifford - vibes, Karl Evangelista- guitar and Jon Arkin- drums

1:35 Dapplegray
Tara Sreekrishnan - piano/electronics, Nava Dunkelman - percussion, Jeanie-Aprille Tang - electronics

2:10 Kattt Atchley & Ron Heglin - vocals

2:45 Fuzzy Bunny
Chris Brown - electronics, Tim Perkis - electronics, Scot Gresham-Lancaster - guitar

3:20 Bad Jazz
Bryan Day - inventions, Tania Chen - piano, toys, Ben Salomon - electricity

3:55 Bart Hopkin - inventions, waterphone/Peter Whitehead - stringed inventions duo

4:30 The Full Disclosure Band
Keith Cudaback - piano, Gary Knowlton - homemade instruments, waterphone, Tom Solinger - violin, Mike Knowlton - guitar and Big Skin - trumpet, vocals

5:00 Break

6:00 Amy X Neuburg - vocals, toys, electronics/Thea Farhadian - violin duo

6:35 The Waterphone Orchestra introduction by Rayme Waters & Brooks Hubbert
Brooks Hubbert, Bart Hopkin, Tom Nunn, Karen Stackpole, Dave Tilton, Todd Barton, Ed Herrmann, Walter Funk and Cindy Webster - saw

7:00 Dean Santomieri - storyteller

7:20 Lunar Time - Tom Djll - trumpet, Doug Carroll - cello

7:55 Gusty Winds May Exist with The Cardew Choir
Nancy Beckman, Tom Bickley, Diane Caudillo, Rae Diamond, Cathryn Hrudicka,
Joe Kuta and Bob Marsh

8:30 Eli Wallace/Karl Evangelista - piano/guitar duo

9:05 Ghost In The House
Tom Nunn - inventions, David Michalak - lap steel, John Ingle - saxophones, Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion and Kinji Hayashi - dance, plus guests Dean Santomieri & others

Richard Waters, as you may know, was a sweet, fun-loving, adventuresome instrument designer/builder, sculptor, musician who always brought magic to the moments one spent with him. Almost always with a smile, Richard knew how to enjoy life and live it to the max! He is known throughout the world for his invention, the Waterphone. So, give up a prayer, a meditation, or just a quiet thought for Richard in appreciation of his kind presence. Tom Nunn
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Fred Frith and Nava Dunkelman
Invented Instruments , at the High Zero festival September 22nd 2012 , Baltimore Maryland