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Thu, Sep 28 2017 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Tomo Jacobson - double bass
8:35 pm Rasmus Kjærgård Lund - tuba
9:15 pm PC Muñoz -electronics/drumset/poetry

San Francisco recording artist/producer/drummer PC Muñoz's genre-defying projects are stylistically broad and deep, revealing a sonic explorer equally at home with contemporary classical, funk, hip-hop, folk, world music, poetry, free-jazz, art installations, and modern dance productions. His partnership with composer/cellist/longtime Kronos Quartet member Joan Jeanrenaud has yielded three highly acclaimed projects: the GRAMMY-nominated Strange Toys, the iTunes-charting Pop-Pop, and the art-inspired Visual Music. A frequent collaborator, PC has also recorded and/or performed with rock legend Jackson Browne, dream-pop poet/chanteuse Ingrid Chavez, Prince and the Revolution synth wizard Dr. Fink, Kulintang master Danny Kalanduyan, sonic surrealists Broun Fellinis, woodwinds renegade Kyle Bruckmann, Oakland emcee/pianist phenom Kev Choice, vocalist Jennifer Kreisberg of the legendary Native American group Ulali, Emmy-winning composer/virtuoso Van-Anh Vanessa Vo ,jaw-dropping cellist Alex Kelly, and countless other musicians and recording artists.

TOMO SOLO is a double bass free improvisation. This project is about the connections between physicality, spirituality, and intuition. Physicality of playing the double bass, of being a part of the instrument, of creating music through the physical efforts. Spirituality with an intention to be expressed with every sound made. Intuition, trust and letting go to the fountain of music pouring out through self. This project is a meditation on the current. It is an effort to make the best out of the now in a specific context of the state in which the musician currently finds himself, the room and the environment he plays in, and the audience with their energy, passions and hopes. The musician, the environment, and the audience through tangled interconnectivity, create in result a beautiful interdependence.

Cost: $6-15
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