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Thu, Jun 1 2017 8:00 PM

8pm: Person L (electronics)
9pm: John Davis (electronics, acoustics)

Person L is the Supercollider project of electronic musician Dania Luck.
A recent venturer into the Supercollider programming language, Luck's minimalist approach explores the depth of interaction between raw sounds from as few sources as possible. "As a minimalist, I tend to build my sounds and synthesizers using sparse functionality."
Luck, originally from Wisconsin, is studying electronic music at Mills College and has been making electronic music since 2007 using primarily hardware instruments.

John Davis is a Northern California musician and filmmaker building on the relationship between moving image and sound through live performance and studio-based works. Encouraging sensory response through familiar and unexpected uses of traditional media, John employs chance and collaborative exchange as regular means for creative expression.
As a musician, John incorporates prepared instruments, phonography, magnetic tape manipulations, short-wave radio and electronic musical circuits as a means for encapsulating listeners within deeply crafted sonic environments. He has released music on the Root Strata, Digitalis, Students of Decay, Bimodal Press and Peasant Magik labels in the US. John also collaborates with Collin McKelvey as one half of the multimedia project IN/S.
As far afield as Davis may go in his works, the listener never feels completely removed from some hint of melodic structure. Often it’s vague, more a memory than something tangible, but it still exists. This lets the work stand up to close examination, and it consistently reveals itself to be deeply intricate while pushing at its own borders.