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Fri, May 12 2017 9:00 PM

Orange Room
2885 Ettie St, Oakland, CA 94608

Music of Images
Experimental sound and theater pieces
Written, designed, and directed by three Bay Area composers
Friday May 12, 9:00pm
Saturday May 13, 9:00pm
Orange Room, Oakland, CA

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"EXUVIAE" by Julie Moon
"Entanglementing: Act 2 - Excrement of Empire" by Sam Genovese
"Mary's Dilemma, or That Sinking Feeling" by Brett Carson

Julie Moon - director, performer, music, staging
Adria Otte - music, installation

1. the cast-off coverings or skin of various organisms after molting, such as the shells of lobsters, cuticles of snakes, the exoskeleton of larvae and nymph of insects
2. Roman military term for weaponry stripped from the person of a foe
Latin, from exuere, to strip off (the body)

Act 2 - Excrement of Empire
Sam Genovese

Sam Genovese - Libretto, music, video, staging, performer

A “new opera,” Entanglementing is chiefly about the desire to escape one’s dark past and acting on that desire. In this way it’s fairly direct, but the manner in which the narrative takes us on that journey is indirect and multi-layered. Act 1 is available to watch at

Sam is an experimental sound artist and filmmaker. His work takes the form of albums, short films, opera, installations and live free improvisation.

Mary's Dilemma, or That Sinking Feeling
Brett Carson

Julie Moon - Mary Thomas
Megan Meyer - The Magician
Andrew Jamieson - The Specialist
Mark Clifford - Vibraphone
Theo Padouvas - Trumpet
Crystal Pascucci - Cello
Adria Otte - Sound designer
Brett Carson - Composer, director, designer

The text derives from excerpts of Dr. Mary Thomas's journals, chronicling her descent into a mysterious structure in the woods for a period of a little over two years (2012-2013) and the experiences she had there. "Through half-closed fingers I watched, partly in expectation and partly in horror, as the full moon dropped down into the sea and disappeared."

Brett Carson explores the dynamic intersection of materials and the excavation of myth through his compositions, at once volatile and highly structured. Using architectural elements borrowed from composers such as Braxton, Cage, and Messiaen, and deriving inspiration from such fields as mysticism, science, and archaeology, his work aims toward the deconstruction of a musical reality, to be reassembled in a way that is fragmented though still recognizable.

Cost: $15 door, $10 advance
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