Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sat, May 20 2017 7:30 PM

Mission Dolores Basilica
3321 16th St, San Francisco

OM 22 Concert Two: Gamelan Masterpieces

Nicole Paiement, Conductor

Threnody for Oliver Daniel for harp (1990) Suite for Cello & Harp (1948)
Meredith Clark, harp
Emil Miland, cello

Pedal Sonata for Organ (1987/1989) Praises for Michael the Archangel (1946-47) Jerome Lenk, organ

Suite for Violin & American Gamelan (1974, composed with Richard Dee) Shalini Vijayan, violin
William Winant Percussion Group

La Koro Sutro (The Heart Sutra, 1972)
For large mixed chorus, organ, harp, and American Gamelan
The Mission Dolores Choir, Resound, Jerome Lenk, organ, Meredith Clark, harp, and the William Winant Percussion Group.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: