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Thu, Jul 20 2017 8:00 PM

8pm: Ear Spray
Carlos Jennings – electronics, Ann O’Rourke – processed Vocals, percussion, live processed video samples, Mark Pino – percussion
9pm: Alien Call Signs the work of RoitNozzle
RiotNozzle, Mika Pontecorvo / electronic genertive processes , Mark Pino/wterphone, and Adriane Pontecorvo/cello...

Alien Call Signs -- emergent ambient forms, environments, and collaborations
RiotNozzle and Mika Pontecorvo are building on their past work on Complex Adaptive Systems and generative design architectures. And their reputations as TechnoGangsters-from-the-29thCentury received while working on Artificial Life in labs in Japan and giving lectures in Sweden, Finland, and Italy...
They will be joined by Voi!Maa members Mark Pino (percussion) and Adriane Pontecorvo (cello)

some sample works:

Cost: $6-15 liding