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Wed, Jul 19 2017 7:45 PM

The Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street SF, CA 94117
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Ralph White, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Scy1e, RTD3

Ralph White (Austin, TX)
Chain-draped kalimba played with the soft speed of Texas banjo fiddle and accordion master Ralph White is a singular treat not to be missed. A tree doctor inducted to the Austin Music Hall of Fame as core member of the legendary trio, Bad Livers, Ralph White has explored ancient music in remote regions of Namibia, Australia, Mexico and Louisiana. “His solo work is possessed of a lonesome spark, exaggerating the implied drone at the heart of the music of Dock Boggs and The Stanley Brothers... White plays wooden six-string banjo, violin, accordion and kalimba and his voice has a high, eerie quality... extremely psychedelic" -(David Keenan, The Wire UK)

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase
Taunting all humankind, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase is Chris Cooper and Jess Goddard's lovingly withering critique of fear's own coping mechanism: logic. Mindful of human cowardice, AHPN myofascializes weak forces with stronger, directing gravity through their own hands onto heaps of pie cutters, spinning tops, stiff brushes, long strings, and power amplifiers so as to embolden all who must one day perish.

If Raub Roy's Horaflora project which had him grappling with toothbrush motors and balloon-driven mouthpieces on frame drums can be likened to a crazed baby turtle battling the infinite friction of analog sand, then Scy1e is that same reptile now crashing through electrons to submerge itself in sinewaves. The liquid medium affords him welcome speed, buoyancy, phased oscillations, and corkscrew sines. And yet, swimmingly as it sounds, these new waves refract familiar, warpy shapes, shadows of Raub's ravenous raptors still in hot pursuit. Dive! Dive!

RTD3 (Ron Heglin, Tom Nunn, Doug Carroll)
The upgrade to R2D2: RTD3 decodes as Ron Tom Doug Trio, the post virtual anti-droid running on impulse power, restraining bolt removed, algorithms excised and upgraded with situated consciousness (formerly: the present), chance, and indeterminacy. Combs rake through rebar rather than big hair as Tom Nunn's electroacoustic percussion boards, spaceplates and skatchboxes plow timefields from which Doug Caroll's cello shoots electron roots and Ron Heglin's brain-organ plays upon its attached larynx which he then fires through massive extrusions of bass brass. Come hear why robots never stood a chance.

Cost: $5