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Sun, Sep 10 2017 8:00 PM

Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street SF
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SFEMF, Night 3:

Suzanne Ciani
Beast Nest
Waxy Tomb

Suzanne Ciani is a five-time Grammy award nominated composer, electronic music pioneer, and neo-classical recording artist whose work has been featured in countless commercials, video games, and feature films. Over the course of her 30+-year career, she’s released 15 solo albums, including Seven Waves, The Velocity of Love, and most recently the live electronic album retrospectivem Buchla Concerts 1975. She’s been recognized as Keyboard Magazine’s New Age Keyboardist of the Year, provided the voice and sounds for Bally’s groundbreaking Xenon pinball machine, played concerts all over the globe, and carved out a niche as one of the most creatively successful female composers in the world. Ciani is a graduate of Wellesley College and holds a Masters in Music composition from the University of California at Berkeley. A Life in Waves, a documentary about Ciani’s life and work by filmmakers Brett Whitcomb and Bradford Thomason, debuted at SXSW in March.

Beast Nest:
Sharmi Basu is an Oakland born and based South Asian woman of color creating experimental music as a means of decolonizing musical language. She attempts to catalyze a political, yet ethereal aesthetic by combining her anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics with a commitment to spirituality within the arts. Beast Nest, Sharmi’s primary performing project, utilizes unwavering depression and restrained horror to channel left-eyed spirits. She has toured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, and her “Decolonizing Sound” workshops have been featured at the International Society for Improvised Music and the Empowering Women of Color Conference. An MFA graduate of the Mills College CCM, Sharmi specializes in new media controllers and electronic music improvisation. She currently teaches Sound Art and Interactive Art at Ex’pression College. She is also founder of the all people-of-color improvisation group MARA Performance Collective in Oakland. and is an organizer of Universe is Lit: A Bay Area Black and Brown Punk Fest.

"Waxy Tomb" is the pet name of a disequilibrium chamber, used for the cooling process after self-columns have been collapsed or dis-localized. The artist Waxy Tombs (Jules Litman-Cleper) is a Bay Area native who explores the themes of internalized urban landscapes, identity transformation and the tension of both the dehumanizing and symbiotic relationships we form with technological interfaces. Releases include Weird Forest, Weird Ear and BradGrammar tapes.

Cost: $17 general, $25 generous, $12 student/low-income