Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Jan 11 2018 8:00 PM

8:15pm: Silo Homes (Matt Carney - guitar/voice/electronics)
8:45pm: Gabby Yi Wen - Electronics (30 minute set)
9:30pm: Snickers (Howard Ryan - viola/electronics)

SNICKERS was conceived in 2014 by Sam Sharp and Howard Ryan as a remote collaboration between Minneapolis and San Francisco; Sam sending guitar phrases that Howard would slow down, process and look for a place where a song could exist. Their cassette and seven-inch series, On The HiFi, all received great responses from Byron Coley in The Wire UK. Richard Youngs calls them, “The sonic equivalent of expired film in my Holga”, and Siltbreeze Records is soon releasing an LP compiling all three volumes.
Live performances explore radio transmissions, viola and vocal live looping and a host of collaborators, all striving to find new ways of telling Siôbhan’s harrowing story.

Gabby Yi Wen (b. 1995) is an emerging multi-instrumental improviser and multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been working with guqin (Chinese 7-string zither), synthesizer, computer, homemade electronics, and field recordings to create sounds. Originally from Shenzhen, China, she moved to the Bay Area at in 2010 and studied abroad in France during college, her artistic visions are shaped by a wide range of cultural perspectives. The Fluxus movement has been her greatest inspiration. Her musical influences include musique concrète, free jazz, ancient Chinese music, Buddhist chants, Beijing and Cantonese Opera. She studied at Mills College under instructions of James Fei, Maggi Payne, Chris Brown and John Bischoff. Inspired by her spiritual guidance in Tibetan Buddhism, her works are usually created in a meditative state and are improvisation-based. She explores the intuitive connection with her instruments during performances, as well as the ways of sound manipulation using extended techniques, code and hardware. Wen also creates art using other mediums such as movement, installation, video, calligraphy and painting in exploration of transcending different emotional states of existence.

Silo Homes (Matt Carney) plays agoraphobic drone country.