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Thu, Dec 21 2017 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Plutonian Burritto
Charles Pagano - percussion, Scott Bazar - guitar, electric pitchfork, electronics
9:00 pm bran(...)pos

bran(...)pos is the ongoing audio-visual-performance-noise-musique-brain-bend of Jake Rodriguez from San Francisco, CA. Rodriguez has been performing and recording under this moniker since 1996 with releases on C.I.P., Resipiscent, Ratskin Records, Animal Disguise, and Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack.

PLUTONIAN BURITTO- Free improvisational duo with Charles Pagano (percussion, comedy) and Scott Bazar (guitar, electric pitchfork, electronics) performing to the animated film Neptuna SlamDance created by Scott Bazar.
Charles has a background in free playing thanks to Creative Music Studio and theWoodstock, NY scene. He is a mostly self-taught drummer & composer. Interned at Creative Music Studio NY with Dave Holland, Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Anthony Braxton, Ed Blackwell, Karl Berger, Bob Moses, Don Cherry.
Scott Bazar is an instrumentalist/composer/improvisor/animator. Active since 1989 playing in various groups and improvisational settings.Creator of video conducted improvisational workshop arcade Pico Dorado.

Cost: $6-15 sliding