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Sat, Dec 9 2017 9:30 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Nine is a musical moniker of Nihar Bhatt, member of the post-techno Surface Tension DJ collective and co-head, (with Chris Zaldua), of the Left Hand Path record label. While deeply rooted in the architecture of 90s acid and rave, Nine's live hardware sets are constantly searching the landscape of the modern dystopia for ideas to bring to life.

Greg Kappes is a musician, improvisor, and multimedia artist based in Oakland, CA. His works are explorations of data and technology, the person-computer and the computer-person, communication and mediation. These are performances, installations, and projections inspired by and created in collaboration with our silicon-based friends.

Multi-modal art to enkindle digital ego death. Conscious thought is an ever pliable instrument for the creation of cognitive maps that define who we are and how we function. We are one way, but we could be any other way. Through embodiment experiments in imagined realities, we can expand the space of possibilities through which we create ourselves, relate those selves to others and to the ways we create and survive in the world, and ultimately plot the absolute freedom of all conscious life.

Inspired by Berlin techno and the environments from which those sounds emanate, KYN is an electronic duo that explores experimental dance music with a dark, minimal and atmospheric aesthetic. With influences from films like Blade Runner, Alien and Ex Machina to the sounds of Northern Electronics, Stephan Bodzin, Ital Tek and Andy Stott, KYN weaves an odyssey of electronic sound through live performance. Using music as catharsis from the often dark world we live in, KYN invites deep contemplation allowing space for escape and movement while finding comfort in what some find frightening.

Cost: 7-15