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Thu, Jun 21 2018 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Braids (Devin Smith, Robert Woods-LaDue)
9:00 pm Ian Hawk's Failings with Agnes Szelag, Aaron Oppenheim, Scott Siler

Ian Hawk is a Portland OR based artist primarily working in the field of drone and repetitive rock music. His primary group Failings, originally started as a solo project, has since become a collaborative effort involving a multitude of musicians and performers, including Greg Fox (Liturgy, Z’s, Guardian Alien.) and Garek Druss (Saint Genet, Tecumseh, A Story of Rats.) Recently the group released a split LP with Amps for Christ on Insulin Addicted Records. Additional collaborations include bass guitar in Tecumseh (2005-2015), a guitar-based drone group with releases on Important, Beta Lactam-Ring, and Black Horizons, and guitar/synth in Grey Eyes, a long distance collaboration with David Fogg.

Braids is an improvised project by Devin Smith, Robert Woods-LaDue, and others. This project is relatively new and still evolving. We're primarily interested in exploring states of tension and stasis, and take inspiration from filmic techniques.

Cost: $8-15 sliding