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Thu, Oct 7 2004 8:00 PM

From Germany!
Serge Baghdassarians: Guitar/Mixing Desk
Boris Baltschun: Sampler

Sunao Inami (Japan): Synthesizers
Bernhard Wagner (Switzerland): Guitar/Electronics
Rick Walker: Looped Percussion/Objects

Baghdassarians and Baltschun have been working together since 1997, their first performace was taking place on the sonic acts festival in Amsterdam in 1998. Since then they have been playing as a duo and also collaborated with a number of composers and performers, amongst them: Conny Bauer, Burkhard Beins, Richard Barrett, Tony Buck, Berlinfactory (Wolfgang Fuchs), Mats Gustafsson, Michael Moser, Andrea Neumann, John Oswald & Elliott Sharp.

Sunao Inami has been working with sound and computers for fifteen years. In the early 90's, he found his direction performing real-time graphics with an Amiga computer, and improvising and collaborating with artists from a variey of disciplines. In the mid-90's he focused on multimedia, and pioneered web-based performance and installation with projects such as the band "Time Control" and the online installation, "Moog Endless" (which featured a Moog Modular synthesizer streaming live sound for 24 hours). Sunao has a love of analog synthesizers and wavetable synthesis.

I don't know much about Bernhard Wagner, other than what's on his webpage:

Rick Walker has been a performing percussionist for over 25 years, a hub for the Northern California "Looping" scene since the mid 90s. Using multiple real-time sampling devices and an extensive array of junk, world instruments and inventions, he can create improvised, multi-layered "songs" before your eyes. His 2003 cd "Faux Voix" uses voice as the source material for all the music.

The second set is held as part of the Y2K4 International Live Looping Festival:

No, you're not crazy. Roberto Zorzi was scheduled to play this event up until a few days ago. He had to cancel his tour due to a severe illness in his immediate family.

Cost: $6-10