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Miya Masaoka

Miya Masaoka is a pioneering artist whose work has helped place the koto into many "non-traditional" musical contexts, including jazz, free improvisation, and noise/sound experimentation.
Upcoming Events:

Friday, April 24 2015 7:30 PM
Point Richmond Jazz [201 Martina St., Point Richmond, CA, 94801]
Point Richmond Jazz, continues their exciting and eclectic concert series highlighting the best in violin-based jazz and improvisational music. On Friday, April 24, 2015 Point Richmond Jazz will present Peabody Conservatory trained 5-string violinist, Enion Pelta-Tiller and her guitarist and mandolinist husband, David Pelta-Tiller’s unique group, TAARKA, described by Synthesis Magazine as a combination of “Roma, Klezmer and jazz, infusing their rousing and exciting tunes with breakneck Zappa-esque breakdowns and insurmountable gusto. Regardless of your particular musical tastes, Taarka is a band that simply must be witnessed.”

TAARKA has just released a new CD “Making Tracks Home.” Their home is in Lyon, Colorado, a small town that was almost wiped out in 2013 with a well-publicized flood that destroyed their home. Left homeless, they headed for David’s childhood home in Virginia, where, (according to Colorado Public Radio they began writing songs inspired by the flood and its aftermath. Enion was inspired by older flood songs, like Bessie Smith’s “Backwater Blues” about the 1927 Mississippi River flood. “I took that as sort of a model,” says Enion, who wrote her own flood song, “River’s Eddy Blues,” for the album.  More...
CDs on which Miya Masaoka appears:
Philip Gelb Purple Wind
Artist: Philip Gelb
Title: Purple Wind
Label: Ryokan
Label page on this site: Ryokan
Miya Masaoka, George Lewis The Usual Turmoil
Artist: Miya Masaoka, George Lewis
Title: The Usual Turmoil
Label: Music and Arts CD-1023(1)
Label page on this site: Music and Arts
Music and Arts CD-1023(1)
Ben Goldberg Twelve Minor
Artist: Ben Goldberg
Title: Twelve Minor
Label: Avant Records AVAN 035
Label page on this site: Avant Records
Avant Records AVAN 035
Masaoko, Nunn, Robair Crepuscular Music
Artist: Masaoko, Nunn, Robair
Title: Crepuscular Music
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 030
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 030
Maybe Monday Saturn’s Finger
Artist: Maybe Monday
Title: Saturn’s Finger
Label: Buzz Records ZZ 76007
Label page on this site: Buzz Records
Buzz Records ZZ 76007
Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/Robair Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
Artist: Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/Robair
Title: Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
Label: 482 Music 482-1030
Label page on this site: 482 Music
482 Music 482-1030