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Sky Grealis
Sky Grealis is a dynamic musician who lends her playing to a vast range of highly demanding musical styles, from Baroque to Balinese to Balkan. She has held principal flute positions in orchestras and wind ensembles and is an enchanting solo performer. Sky has premiered numerous new works, including Starry Skies, a piece written for her by Marc Lowenstein, who describes Sky as "an up and at 'em, fierce and happy player [who] finds her way into the heart of the music every time."

Sky is passionately dedicated to new music and improvisation. She performs frequently with ensembles that emphasize exploration and extending musical forms, such as Nice Jaquet, Crafty Apples and The Life on Earth. Sky is a highly expressive and sophisticated musician grounded in solid technique. She takes the flute to far reaching extensions including vocalization while playing, multiphonics, quarter tones, glissandi, tongue stops, key clicks, harmonics, whistle tones, and shakuhachi-style playing. Sky’s exceptional sight reading skills and musicality make her a true asset in the recording studio. She has recorded extensively, including the debut album of funk band Mudhouse, a critically acclaimed electronic release by Lusine, and the CalArts Jazz CD recorded at Capitol Records.

Sky currently performs, teaches and resides in San Francisco, California.