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Jeffrey Stevenson
guitarist, composer
Hi folks- My name is Jeff. I play the guitar and write music and want to paint portraits but don't know how yet. I just moved to San Francisco from Boston, where I was attending the Berklee College of Music, stoking the small but determined fires of Beantown Dharma, missing the natural world, and creating lots of joyful music with The Full Speed Tea Offering, Spiritual Quotient and the Dodeconimos, Nick Sweet's Town of Smiles, The Ebony Club's Collective of Well-Behaved Guests, and other assorted breathless endeavors. Since I arrived out here I spent a lot of time composing, performing, and recording "After You Fell," a multi-movement piece for the Hypnagogia Jukebox, a spiritual ensemble in 12 pieces. I am now at work on a clarinet and saxophone quartet to hopefully be premiered in the late summer, and am also collaborating with Hilary Palanza, an erudite and arresting dancer, on an improvised duet to be performed as part of the Face to Face Art Symposium at the LOBOT Gallery in Oakland on June 12-13. I came west like so many before me, seeking to somehow unearth an authentic and flannel-clad reprise of Manifest Destiny beneath all the tempeh soldiers and taqueria bhikkhus that make this fair city what it is. It's been beautiful so far and I look forward to encountering anyone who has the mulchy a bandmate, guitar student, trumpet teacher (I have this burning urge to learn) potluck comrade, or whatever else makes sense. Thanks for listening -- Jeff