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Dario Facelift
a noise artist, jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist
Dario Facelift is a noise artist, jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in the south bay area. He has spent time in Oakland as well as in Santa Cruz participating in the experimental music scenes with bands such as A Fashionable Disease (jazz-punk-noise-metal hybrid), Chimora (blackened drone-doom), Fag Priest (free jazz-harsh noise) as well as his two current projects Lycanthrope Legions of Noise (ritualistic blackened harsh noise) and Botched Facelift (power electronics/harsh noise). He also runs the label The Pet Goat Records which releases CDs, tapes, digital releases, and occasionally vinyl 7 inch records of experimental and avant garde music specializing in noise jazz crossover styles. This label has featured the Ass Jazz compilation series which features artists who combine Jazz with heavy and extreme styles of music such as punk, noise, and extreme metal.