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Amy Reed

visual artist/composer/improvisor
photo by George Thomson
Amy Reed is a visual artist and composer living in Sacramento, California. She is the founder of Ma, a series that supports creative work by women at Gold Lion Arts, a performance/education space she co-creates with Ross Hammond. She studied extensively with Sarah Flohr. She allows her painting practice and her composing practice to inform her extensive research into performance, video, sound, improvisation, and listening. Recent work includes: Solo – electric guitar, Ione’s 20th Annual Dream Festival; virtual Artists-in-Residence dream duo with ecologist Dr. Leo Polansky, large ensemble work with Phillip Greenlief, and an active duo with Ross Hammond performing original and traditional material.

Amy Reed – Solo Guitar (2015; Gold Lion Arts)

'Recorded in the summer of 2014, Solo Guitar is a mere 13 minutes of Ms. Reed scraping, strumming, and rubbing strings. She makes use of extended techniques, found objects in particular, to evoke alternating brightness and darkness. Often, her style results in two related voices simultaneously jangling, or one sustained while the other speaks. Her tone is usually clean, but she turns up the distortion toward the end of this single track for a more aggressive, yet still thoughtful, finale.'

Avant Music News

'Amy Reed is a guitarist and painter from Sacramento, California, home to the Gold Lion Arts performance space where she recorded this evocative solo guitar piece. Like some of her paintings, in which the abstract is met with precise strokes of paint and large open spaces, her extended technique solo guitar work takes advantage of similar motifs. The short tape release sees Reed creating an expectant atmosphere, pulling out all sorts of sounds from her instrument, from long pendulous swings to fine crackling bursts of bristling notes.' Paul Acquaro

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Wednesday, July 26 2017 7:30 PM
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Animals and Giraffes - Collette McCaslin/Amy Reed
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