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Thu, Apr 12 2001 12:00 PM

Yerba Buena Gardens
4th and Howard San Francisco, CA

Yerba Buena Arts & Events and New Genre Works present

Miya Masaoka + and SF Sound Ensemble

The Sound of Naked Men
Experimental musician and composer Miya Masaoka taps the internal sounds of the human body to create a 45 minute music/sound performance piece. Using sophisticated medical equiptment -- heart monitor and EEG brain analyzers - the sound of the heart beat, breathing, and the sound of blood through the veins and brain activity reveal a hidden "orchestra" within each individual. The original musical score is derived from the actual brain waves and performed by the SF Sound Ensemble.

Conceiver/composer, kotoist: Miya Masaoka

Collaborators/Processors : Thomas Day, Robert Kauker

Naked Men: Saimon Li

SF Sound Ensemble
Matt Ingalls; clarinet, Hugh Livingston; cello, Tom Swafford; violin, David Birthelle; trumpet, John Shiurba; guitar, John Ingle saxophone, and Rakesh Khanna; perc.

Subject to rain cancellation - call to confirm 415-543-1718

Free admission to the public
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