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Sun, Nov 6 2016 7:30 PM

7:30pm Brett Carson’s Mysterious Descent
David Katz - voice, percussion/Brett Carson - piano, voice, percussion, compositions/Mia Bella D'Augelli - violin, voice, percussion/Nava Dunkelman - percussion, voice
8:30pm Noertker's Moxie - CD release for druidh penumbrae
Annelise Zamula - alto sax, flute/Eli Wallace - piano/Bill Noertker –bass/Jason Levis - drums

Come celebrate as Noertker's Moxie releases its 9th album, druidh penumbrae.
The druidh Bill Noertker, his long-time musical partner Annelise Zamula, and his group Noertker’s Moxie are back with another wide-ranging assemblage of tunes. By turns extroverted, stately, reflective, hypnotic, playful, elegiac, and lyrical, their latest outing, druidh penumbrae, brings out from the shadows many of Noertker’s compositional and thematic concerns: Schoenberg, Ornette, Rilke, Picasso, Cortázar, the films of David Beck, the life cycle of butterflies, the haiku, the circus, the waltz, Faulkner, and Charlie Haden.

Cost: $10-$15 sliding scale
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Fred Frith and Nava Dunkelman