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Thu, Oct 20 2016 8:00 PM

Experimental Side of the 16th Annual
Y2K International Live Looping Festival

8:00–8:40 Mikko Biffle
8:45–9:10 Matt Davignon
9:15 – 10:00 Eluid Ernandes (Mexico) & Hideki Nakanishi (Japan)

Mikko Biffle:
With the recent new release of "Skip to the Solo" featuring Henry Kaiser, Alan Licht and Rick Walker, Mikko Biffle returns to the guitar and improv scene refreshed and invigorated. Decades of recording and live work with a broad spectrum of performers (Chain Tape Collective, Paula Cole, Dale Bozzio, Clara Bellino, Rick Walker, Henry Kaiser, Chris Muir) and regularly recording since the '70's with the ongoing improv collective, The Lunar Asylum, "biffoz" has preferred to remain a lurker, pointing listeners at his SoundCloud gallery ( Long at odds with the visual melding of music with multi-media, pretty faces and acting, he has preferred to step back and let his sounds do the talking, yet the magnet of sharing and community marks his return to the live-performance community.

Matt Davignon's music is “fragile and gorgeous and stubbornly weird,” according to the SF Bay Guardian. He’s best known for combining drum machine and/or pre-recorded voices with a variety of electronic processing devices to create shifting layers of organic and expressive sounds. His music is inspired by field recordings, natural sound phenomena, irregular and imperfect rhythms, and psychedelic, drone and space music.

HIDEKI NAKANISHI (aka Mandoman) is a live-looping electric mandolin playser and luthier from Osaka. Hideki uses most of him time in his Sol Anemo workshop building special order handcraft stringed instruments for superior musicians with fine touch, and when that touch comes to music he creates with many looping pedals and one electric mandolin to spend the rest of his time on. You will hear the nature,Life and Mountains in Nara where he grew up.
He uploads series of his improvisation music called "Diary in the sound image" on YouTube

ELUID ERNANDES (Bass and Looping) started arranging and composing for small ensembles at the age of 13 and participated in a recording for Yamaha Mexico, obtaining his special recognition from Japan. This encouraged him to participate in another contest with an original arrangement where he won first place, receiving a chance to participate with musicians from all of Latin America. He then received an invitation from the Mexican Consulate in Houston to perform during the Independence celebration.
He listens to Miles, Corea, Jaco and Metheny, as well as experimental rock, electronic music and considers the work of writer Julio Cortazar to be his greatest influence.
Currently Eliud is a member of CIAN, the Caida Libre and Koffe Tauk trios, musical director for Pilar Reyes Project and bass player at Berthe Trépat.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
"Roadrunner" used for another Basic Audio fuzz demo.